Thank You Bernie, Now What?

Bernie Sanders’ success proves two maxims: first, if you don’t succeed, keep trying; second, timing is everything. Bernie would probably still be eking out a living as a part-time carpenter and writer if 10 people had voted differently in his mayoral bid in 1981 in Burlington, VT. That was the number of people who put him over the top to victory. Before that, he had run twice for governor and twice for the Senate. Bernie made his mark in Burlington, reelected three times, before successfully running for U. S. Representative in 1988, serving until he won the race for the Senate in 2006. As for timing, there has never been an election like this one in many years. The two top contenders are both populists with many eccentricities and outlandish ideas who, in normal times, would have been dismissed early on.

Bernie is a highly competitive man. His competitive nature became apparent in his early life playing basketball. That competitiveness and resolution are what is propelling him now, as his prospects for winning become less likely. I just find it unfortunate that he has chosen the lower road, having gone negative after starting his campaign with a promise not to go negative. I liked Bernie when I first got to see him in action at the first debate, declaring that “people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails“. If he had stayed positive, I might have been inclined to favor him in the primary. However, his relentless negativity, his hypocrisy, self righteousness and mean disposition, his unwillingness to open up his tax returns, and his stunning ignorance on foreign policy and on his core issues, have turned me into being completely anti-Bernie and equally completely pro-Hillary. Hillary Clinton would not only be the first female president, she would be the most right out of the gate qualified president we have had in a long time, maybe in all time. She believes in most, if not all, of Bernie’s ideals. But Hillary would be better equipped to implement them.

So, today is Tuesday, the day of the Indiana primary. Hillary has the race pretty much sewn up. Senator Sanders and his wife are still maintaining that he has a chance, he is still raising money for his campaign, and he is still smearing the presumptive nominee’s character. For the sake of the country and the Democratic party, which, up to now he has demonized, characterized as the same as Republicans. Okay, Bernie. Enough is enough. Get off of your alleged moral high horse and try to salvage what’s left of your dignity and reputation, and help us to avert the disaster that would be President Trump

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