The Litany of An Abuser

“If she hadn’t been wearing that outfit, no one would have looked at her that way. Sorry she got raped, but…she had it coming.”

“ If those two guys hadn’t been kissing in public it would not have upset people that way. Sorry they got beat up, but it was their own fault.”

“ If she had just done what I told her and hadn’t argued about it, I wouldn’t have gotten so mad. I didn’t mean to hit her but she asked for it.”

“ If she had followed the rules the way we wanted her to, we would not have had to disrupt the convention, threaten her and verbally abuse her. She started it.”

“ If she hadn’t been such a bitch, we would not have booed her, blocked her, rushed the stage. She had her chance to make the right choice.”

These are some of the litanies of abusers. “It wasn’t my fault. If only the other person had done what I wanted, it wouldn’t have happened.” It is like the teenager that wrecks the car on the way home and blames the parents. “If you hadn’t set a curfew, I wouldn’t have been forced to drive so fast to get home in time.” If a parent accepts that excuse, they are enabling the entitlement that leads to abuse.

Silly season is almost at an end. Thank goodness! I have whiplash from the media.

The media rails at Donald Trump for being misogynistic. “His treatment of women is appalling” is the standard outcry. “His followers are out of control. They are racist, anti-women and anti-immigrant. (also anti-Muslim, anti-Obama, anti-Democracy, anti-Constitutional and so on).” “His followers are violent and full of dangerous rhetoric. They don’t understand how the government works and they don’t speak for “most” Americans.”

Trump and his followers are those things, but he represents the Republican party. Not just because he is the presumptive nominee, but because his actions and his views are the actions and views of the modern Republican party. They moved into those roles years ago. He says out loud what they say behind closed doors. He shouts at rallies what they secretly keep in their hearts. He praises himself the same way McConnell and Ryan praise their abysmally low approval ratings as success. When the media acts like Trump is an outlier, they enable the entitlement that leads to abuse.

Trump Republicans are the culmination of 8 years of intransigence fueled with angst and fury. We get it. Everyone keeps trying to figure out how Trump got here. He got here because the media kept promoting a false equivalency to Democrats. That is was the same being the abuser as the abused. Or so we thought.

Democrats truly believed they were better. They truly believed no Trump darkness simmered beneath their red white and blue underbelly. The 2 candidates shook hands and promised to run a sane, civil campaign in stark contrast to the crazy train on the Right. But someone didn’t get the memo.

No one expected Sanders to do so well. Including Sanders. He crushed Clinton in Vermont. “OMG” said the media, “no one saw that coming.” (No, really they said that – alot). Every day we saw images of Sanders “massive” rallies. Entire broadcasts every day were turned over to free Sanders Rallies and free Trump Rallies. It happened so often that I was forced to binge watch HGTV while trying to keep up with reality on the internet. A daunting task I tell you.

Then something amazing happened. Bernie barely won Michigan. “OMG” said the media. “Is Clinton going to lose like she did with Obama?” and “if it wasn’t for the super delegates Bernie might actually win.” That is when the sleeping underbelly opened its ugly eye. That is one nasty beast the Democrats have been hiding.

Out of its mouth flies vitriol and fury. Rage and misinformation spew out of it like a volcanic eruption. Misogyny thou art its middle name. Intolerance and abusive litany are its byline. Victim blaming, shaming and trolling are its life purpose. Democrats have unleashed the Berniebot, BernieBro, #Bernie, #BernieorBust, @Bernie and it is bent on destruction of all things Democratic party, Clinton, establishment, and not Bernie. The only safe targets are Republicans. Its favorite target, women.

But wait, Bernie has a perfect record with women’s issues. Yes, he did. But no one has rated him since he unleashed the monster after Michigan and refused to take responsibility for it, or to take any action to control it. To be fair, no candidate is totally responsible for his followers. Unless he gives them the ‘wink and nod’.

Trump gave his followers instructions so it was pretty obvious. “Throw him out” and “I’ll pay the legal fees of…” were pretty clear. Pretty reprehensible, but it is out there in the open. Bernie, on the other hand says “I don’t condone violence, “but”

“ If they had just done what we asked, none of this would have happened.”

“ It was not our fault, they had the chance to do the right thing.”

“ It was the Democrats, they had it coming.”

“ It was Clinton’s machine if she wasn’t cheating we would have won — she did this to herself.”

“ It was Debbie Wasserman-Shultz who refuses to do what she is told and we had no choice but to hit her where it hurts.

“It was “the establishment” trying to get away with making sure we were actually registered democrats and we had to put them in their place.”

“ It was their fault. They could have given us what we wanted and it wouldn’t have happened.”

Trump does not pretend to be above the fray. He revels in it. The litany of abuse is different for Sanders.

Bernie has unleashed an unbelievably vulgar and racist and misinformed cavalry of abusers. Statements made, tweeted, Instagramed, Facebooked and texted to women reporting, writing about, and covering Sanders are beyond the pale. I have been a political junkie since the 1980s but I have never been verbally assaulted the special way only a BernieBro can dish it out. One need only look at the FB posts, or twitter feeds of any female journalist or pundit who dares to question “the Bern” on anything. Their favorite words usually begin with “A” “B” a great big “C“, and “D”. “F” and “W” are used as nouns and verbs. No ones mother is safe, and all parts of one’s anatomy are subject to comment.

The Bernie machine attacked Barbara Boxer, one of the most respected and venerated women in the Senate because “she deserved it”. She is his colleague. His friend. His peer. He may have apologized to her privately, but he winked and nodded to his followers that “she had it coming”. Three days after Nevada he finally said he did not condone the threats and harassment of the Nevada Chairwoman, “but” she should not have done what his “people” told him she did. It took him 3 days after she received death threats, was followed to work, was intimidated and harassed, and his followers published the name and location of her grandchildren’s schools. These are the same “people” that accused Sandy Hook parents of “politicizing the deaths of their children.”

Unleash the media! Whiplash. The media has made every possible excuse for him. “It was his followers, not him.” (See Trump coverage). “He did issue an apology although not as strong as one would hope.”” Because he still has a chance to win the nomination” (no he does not by any math) “he is understandably trying to get concessions at the convention.” “There are disputed accounts about what happened so it is understandable that he is standing firm.“ There is Politifact, video and eye witnesses, reporters, emails, text messages. There is Jeff Weaver on every station “it was their fault, we didn’t start it “but….”

Every time the media ignores the abuses, and accepts any of these excuses they are enabling the entitlement that leads to abuse.

Like every abuser, or person that stands by and allows abuse to happen, Bernie is about to learn what happens when it no longer serves the enabler to continue. There is a third-party Libertarian with a real chance to upset the current election cycle about to enter the stage. That will be like crack cocaine to the media. Bernie has one last chance to make a real difference but he won’t take it because he is not the Bernie that started this campaign. He is the new face of the Tea Party on the Left.

The only person the media did not talk to about any of this? Clinton. It was not until Chris Cuomo from CNN interviewed her on Thursday, that anyone even noticed that the Democrat winning the popular vote, winning the delegate count, winning the super delegate count, winning the number of states won, winning the number of open primaries won , you know the one “stealing” the nomination. No one had interviewed, questioned, or asked for a statement about any of the events in Nevada. Why should they talk to her? She is the “bitch” running against him so she got what she deserved.

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