The Monster Religious Extremism Created

imageI must share something that has been bothering me since the shooting in Orlando a couple of days ago. Those that grew up the same way I did and have moved away from it, please do not take this as personal or that I am including you in that group. On the other hand, I’ve burned most of my bridges to that life so if you are a remaining bridge feel free to burn yourself.

I grew up in an old-fashioned independent Baptist environment and in what amounts to being a cult system that is far on the right wing fringe of religious madness and extremism. I was raised, educated, brainwashed and, much to my shame, was an active participant in the madness till I grew a brain of my own and began thinking for myself.
I grew up in the midst of a crowd of people that when a liberal complains about the state of our nation they are traitors that hate America but when they talk about making America great again they are patriots.

I grew up hearing hate mongering preachers like Phil Kidd (and yeah I am not afraid to mention names…look him up…he’s an asshole idiot) scream “stop burning flags and start burning fags” while the crowd of 800-1,000 people screamed amen and roared their approval. I grew up with people that embrace hate speech and call it “taking a stand for Jesus” and when the rest of the populace gets disgusted by their hate they whine about being “persecuted for the cause of Christ.” No, we reject you because you are an asshole not because you are a Christian.

As the death toll mounted in Florida the conversation turned to whether or not it was inspired by hate or by terrorism as the investigation centered on the shooter. How is that determined? If his name ends in Achmed it’s terrorism if it ends in Smith it’s hate? Let me make it clear, if your religious beliefs make it plausible to kill people who are, in your religious book, an abomination and, that by the letter of your book should be killed, then that is hate … It doesn’t matter if you’re holding a Bible or a Quran.

I am disgusted by the sanctimonious right wing people that are “angered” that a terrorist dared attack American citizens. I am tired of seeing the “prayers for Orlando” and the asinine pretentious show of sympathy, love and caring. I am tired of seeing the blame cast on President Obama…again. Let’s have some straight talk.

You are the very people that two weeks ago wanted to carry guns into Target bathrooms
to kill transgender individuals…what do you care of a gay Muslim
(wrap your head around THAT one)
kills a bunch of gay people in a bar?

More and more it’s becoming evident that this guy was far from being a radical Muslim. He was the victim in one of the issues that extreme Muslims and extreme Christian’s agree on. His family are the extremists, particularly his father, and he was trying his best to fit in with a group of people that hated everything he was. It is becoming more evident that religious extremism created a monster, not because he hated America, or hated Christians. His own self hate – brought on by the hate of religious nut cases – forced him to hide in a closet and conceal who he truly was. And that kind of anger and hate will simmer for a long time before it explodes.

Religious extremism…Muslims in a Christian nation fighting together against a common cause in their mutual hate and bigotry…created this particular monster and it is high time you nut jobs own up to it.

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