The Morning After the Morning After for Blue People

This is long. Sorry, but you can print it and post it and use it as a check list. Enjoy

Ok Progressives. Ok Liberals. Ok Democrats. Ok Blue People everywhere. We got our butts kicked. Not by the people of America, but by the Electoral College. And, that is how our founders wanted it. Yes, HRC won the popular vote. But 7 MILLION fewer of us showed up to vote for her so we lost in EVERY battleground state. Did we know what was a stake? Yep and we stayed home believing crazy racist terrified old white people would not crawl out of their holes. Oops.

In Flint, the population stayed home because …. well they thought Republicans would do more to help them than she would and even if she lost…well things would get better for them – in FLINT!

North Carolinians stayed home. All those souls to the polls people showed their disapproval of the godly woman who stood by her husband through 41 years of marriage to make it work just “like the Bible tells us so” and silently voiced their disapproval of Bill. It was far more righteous to pass judgment on Bill than to stand up against a crotch-grabbing, womanizing adulterer tax and draft dodger because…well, you know… “BILL”.

People in Detroit stayed home to show solidarity with the Trumpster that they love the life and the opportunities they have there. Factory workers in Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania turned out in droves for the guy who does not make a single thing in American factories, and who uses undocumented immigrants to build his stuff showing support of the union busting coalition of Republicans and Kochs. Coal miners in West Virginia came out because the Republicans promised they would bring back coal as a primary energy source. Ummm this is just stupid but it happened.

Millenials in Florida wanted “Bernie or Bust” and now they are busted. No education reform. No student loan help. No affordable college. You preferred the plan put out by the Republicans to raise your interest rates to 10%. Or better yet, you posted a protest vote to show your disapproval of “both” candidates based upon what? You have NO information about HRC that you didn’t pick up from the media or the internet. If you did, you would have been standing in line to vote for her. See, it is easy to fool people who prefer television and talk radio to FACTS.

America voted for a TV reality star with no experience and no clue. It is not surprising the uneducated white guys and educated white guys and uneducated white women voted for him. Nothing to see here.

What was shocking was the educated white women that covered their daughter’s eyes while pulling the lever for the party that believes that loyalty to a dead party is more important than serial sexual groping. What is shocking is the elderly that voted for the party that has been systematically trying to dismantle Social Security for 70 years and Medicare for 50. And you guys gave them full control over ALL branches of government just to make sure once it is repealed, you can never get it back. What was shocking was the military personnel that voted for the “merica” where Republicans have cut the VA, the GI Bill, veterans services and made soldiers pay their combat pay back, headed by a draft-dodging Putin loving uninformed torture promoting ignoramus that wants to kill the family and children of people they disagree with and give Iraq nukes. WTF!?

To the mother with a child with asthma…no more doctors for you. In the first 100 days that medical care you are griping about will no longer be a problem. Take the kid to the emergency room and take a number…just like in the old days. To those suffering from cancer…well, everyone dies sooner or later. I know…that is what they told me until my Obama Care kicked in, and, as I have been informed repeatedly since the election, I should feel blessed now.

There. I have said it. There is more but that is just beating dead horses. That is just shouting to the deaf. That is just pointing out documents and facts to a comatose man.

So what now?

Trump and the Republicans have promised us several things from the wish lists we have fought against for decades. Here is a 12 point plan to implement immediately. It won’t stop them completely but if we do our jobs well, it will slow them down until we can fix it.

  1. The Wall. We need to start arranging protests everywhere we see the bulldozers and builders show up. We don’t need to let anyone in across the border, we just need to make sure we don’t end up with East Berlin. Put together a coalition of friends, family and like-minded individuals to show up and peacefully protest EVERY time. If a small group of Sioux Indians can stand up and protect our water from 2 countries, a militarized police force, and an army of private security bullies, we can keep a few concrete blocks from showing up on our borders. Oh… and the wall going up in Canada? They are trying to keep US out. Yep…we are now the Zombie Apocalypse trying to cross into the promised land. Oh, yeah, this is to protect your friends too. Trump has to “take” that land from the people that own it. They have homes and rights that we need to protect as well.
  2. We need to protect our neighbors and especially their children from “deportation teams” and “vetting squads”. We need to form neighborhood groups and stay in contact with our immigrant friends. They need to know that America is not the horror they are about to witness…only the stage upon which some bad actors will have couple of years to harass them.
  3. We need to find out about sponsoring immigrants. This way we can protect our friends by offering them the necessary “support” needed to remain here while we fight for them in court.
  4. We need to be vigilant in protecting the LGBT in our communities. Get to know them, make sure they know you will act a a safe place for them. Don’t stand by and watch if they are harassed or threatened. If you can’t protect them, call someone, anyone. Use your camera to record and make sure they know they are not alone.
  5. Stomp out bullying for LGBT, and religion, and immigrant status and color. Elections for school boards across this country will begin soon. Get on a board and establish anti-bullying platforms not against kids but against hate. Every kid has a bad day, but no kid should have a bad life, or be permitted to make it bad for another because the parents didn’t teach them basic manners and compassion.
  6. We need to talk to our girls about birth control Calmly, quietly and truthfully. If they are approaching, or already in, child-bearing phase (first period makes that happen no matter how tiny they are) and make sure they are protected from pregnancy, STD and unwanted sexual advances. We need to teach them “NO” and give them pepper spray or martial arts training or bring big stick and teach them how to use it. Trump goes on trial for RAPE in December. This is not a joke. Teach them that knees are not just meant for squats.
  7. We need WAY more female and minority judges to protect our youth our women and our communities. “Tough on crime” means keeping “those” people where the white guy thinks they should be. If you are woman lawyer…start running for the judiciary. Even traffic court but get out there. If you are minority, start getting signatures and get on those benches. All of you run for President or officer of your local Bar Association and sit on Committees so our voices are not drowned out in the Interregnum to come. They will use the courts and agencies and we need to get there first or keep them from getting a strong foothold.
  8. Religion. Places like the Bible Belt and Florida are about to become battle grounds for Muslims. We need to embrace our Muslim communities. Work with them and make sure they know that the hate they are about to feel is not form our Country but from our Neanderthals. Remember we did progress beyond Neanderthal but it took standing up to make it happen. We need to AGGRESSIVELY reach out and open lines of communication, safe zones, telephone banks and trees and if you see something, say something. It is a very real danger that Trump and the Republicans ignorant and hate-filled policies will lead to radicalization of people that would otherwise never think to participate in something stupid, will do so. Especially the young who are terrified or who feel powerless to protect themselves and their families. Make sure they know YOU are not one of those hateful people and stand with them. Engage with them. Open your home and your heart and make sure our true America is what all the world sees.
  9. We need to make sure that the Evangelical Illuminati are not permitted to grow. They are already infecting government and schools and hospitals and universities and neighborhoods. That is fine. They have a right to be here. But the clear thing is that they don’t believe we have the same right. I am a Christian, but I stand against Evangelical dogmas and abuses every day. You must protect your neighbors, your LGBT friends, your immigrant friends, your Muslim friends, our minorities, and all of our daughters from these groups. I think, in their heart, they feel justified, but righteousness empowers one to feel self-righteous and that is always dangerous for the human race.
  10. Spend the next day or week or month healing from the shocks and the OMG messages you will be seeing and hearing. It is ok to grieve but it is not ok to become powerless. The first thing we need to do is start signing up blue people in every state. Get them ready for the 2018 Congressional/Senate/State/Governor/local elections. Find people willing to run. Young and old, flawed and pretty cool and STOP EATING OUR CANDIDATES FOR NOT BEING PERFECT. You have to hand it to the Republicans on this one, they will take anyone and get them elected. All you have to do is look at Bush or Trump or Rick Scott to know they don’t care about qualifications, intelligence, honesty, integrity or country. We turn on each other for having a bad hair day. STOP THAT. We are electing people, not saviors. Bankruptcy? Ok what will you do for me now? Illegitimate children? Several marriages? A cheating husband? A DUI when you were 23? Smoking pot? Ge the F&&k over it. Can they do the job? Yes or No. That’s it. Gossip in your own home but not at the ballot box.
  11. Turn off the television and eliminate talk radio. PBS and NPR are now owned by the Koch Brothers..those bastions of honesty and American values… and all they want is power. Think of television and radio as having little beams that get into your brain and start eating your gray matter. If you see Trump…turn him off. If you see his people…turn them off. If a pundit wants to talk about them…turn them off. The one thing Trump and ANY of his followers cannot stand is being ignored. Want to keep them off their game? Make sure they have to keep jumping up and down just to get you to notice them and then ignore them. The only time to ignore this advice is if they are doing any of the things above. Then put your plans into place to help the innocent as much as you can. Remember heroes don’t do big things, they do small things every day that end up making all the difference in the end. And heroes don’t listen to lies just because it agrees with them.
  12. Stand up for what you know is right. The Thanksgiving table may be a little quieter this year for fewer guests. But you would not tolerate a stranger harming a member of your family or a friend or someone you work with. Don’t allow your family to do it either. Don’t worry, this is sort of like a 3 year flu. They will begin feeling better as soon as the snake oil wears off and you can help them heal over time. But do not empower them to abuse you or anyone else you know or they will never heal and the snake oil will tarnish their very souls. If you want to save them it is up to you to just say NO.

I didn’t number this one because every blue person knows this. We must stand up for our youth of color. Black lives do matter. And notice there is no “only” there. All lives matter but all lives are not gunned down for skittles or playing with a toy gun at Walmart or sitting on their stoop at home. We must unprivitize prisons and take the profit out of locking people up. We don’t need a federal government for that. All of those things occur on the state level. We need blue governors and blue legislators for that. We need citizen committees to investigate police shootings, not cop squads checking their own. We need better training, a return to negotiation and de-escalation training and immediate firing of unqualified people. If we do our job right by the time Trump leaves office in 4 years, every prison system in America will be unprivitized and not for profit.

There is so much more we could do but make sure that all that voter registration activity continues We can fix this. We can make it all okay. We can fill the void with good works. We can stop them from implementing their entire radical agenda. We may not succeed at all of it, but for every small victory, we are one step closer to making our country and our party as clear and blue and as the earth itself.

Don’t be discouraged. Be empowered. Now begins OUR time. This truly is the greatest opportunity Progressives and Liberals and Democrats have ever had. Don’t waste it on self-pity. HRC and Bernie and Obama got up and dusted themselves off and showed us how to do this. Let us provide for our children and the future by honoring those who brought us this far and grabbing our own power to actually be the change we want in the world. We Can Do This.

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