The White House Tried To ‘Recall’ Ukraine Talking Points Emailed To Dems

The Trump administration can’t get out of its own way.

Its complete meltdown over House Democrats’ decision Tuesday to open a formal impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump is evident in its carelessness in conducting simple tasks.

Amid the growing furor over Trump’s treasonous conversation with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the White House inadvertently sent congressional Democrats talking points intended for Republicans.

As Politico and the Washington Post reported, the White House sent Democratic lawmakers an email with the subject “What you need to know” detailing ways to spin the incriminating summary of the telephone call between the two presidents, including insisting Trump was well within his constitutional authority to pressure Zelensky into investigating a political opponent, and spinning the story in an attempt to appear as though the actual scandal rests in former Vice President Joe Biden’s “corruption.”

After realizing the error, the White House sent a retraction.

Too late.

The screenshots were already on Twitter.

The Trump administration’s ineptitude verges on the risible.

That is until we stop to consider that these are the people “in charge.”

They are in charge of our relationship with foreign neighbors, our infrastructure, health, education, military–our democracy.

The sooner we chuck these incompetent buffoons, the better.

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