Obama Out – What’s Next

Just running for President of the Divided States of Corporate America, Barack Hussein Obama proved you can take their money and still give them Frank Underwood cufflinks.

Whether Alzheimer’s, The Bomb or Climate Change, now is the time to hold accountable the They in our mirrors — because We Are They, and it’s about as funny as, It felt like I was crossing the border.

Laughing at the suffering of less affluent people of any color, mocking women or ignoring the assaulted distinguishes between The Good, Bad and Ugly Americans.

Convinced to make war on our best interests, we vote for the war mongering They, to continue reaping the fruits of our labor. It didn’t start with Guantanamo water boarding and won’t end with Nestle privatizing our water.

No need for Googling Eden’s Garden for Cruz temptations or Cain and Abel family feuds, for we need Look Back in Anger no further than West Point’s All American Class of 1861, to find inhumane abuse for cotton profits pitting brother against brother. And still purchase powered sweat shops remain the support of Bernie’s top one percent of the top one percent — for the They can’t survive without the Us, of USA.

Whether agriculture denim, uniformed government or Wall Street suits, men have historically suppressed women, enslaved conquered cultures — even murdered to appease their hunger for the thrill of power.

Like Red scared sheep, the 1950’s hung on every word of Joe Stalin, then hung American careers out to dry believing in Joe McCarthy. Like Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Joe Swing.

So, is America again being trumped by opportunistic phony patriots from Koched university administrators and governors de-educating our future into grand old malice aforethought, aided and abetted by the reality of We shall over comb, profaning the United States of America of We Shall Overcome?

Repeating the backlash to twelve years of FDR, the GOP is now financed by those who want to impose a Republican Red Book on an all-inclusive America. Surrogates for Corporatism, Congress now sacrifices the Supreme Court in resistance to any potential of a melting pot at the end of our American Rainbow.

The more the We allow the They of corporate owned media to brainwash us against the Brown, the Black and the Woman-card, the more the Too Big to Jail enslave Middle Class to Too Big to Fail.

We will never secure world peace nor find freedom from They, until We stop camouflaging the power of our vote with the pageantry of The Street’s deceit.

Not all men are created equally evil, but traditionally, most who connive for evil doers are angry conservative old white men who think something they never had, nor were ever guaranteed, has been taken from them.

For example, America’s wars on Crime, Communism and Drugs, financed by a corporate government alliance, were waged against Baby Boomers to ostracize people who looked like MLK and thought like RFK.

Real Enemies of the State prosper from our ignorance of history:

  • Before Koch brothers, Dulles Brothers
  • Before Nixon’s Watergate, Kent State
  • Before Cheney’s Guantanamo, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI
  • Before Bundy’s Oregon siege, NRA’s Sandy Hook
  • Before Fossil Fuel Fracking, Cow flatulence
  • Before Heroin & Cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, and opioid painkillers
  • Before Voter ID, Jim Crow

Now we live in the age of abrupt climate change, when the sins of The Silent Generation are the consequences occupying Millennials.

What follows Obama can either be boorish disunity or Shall We Gather at the River of global preservation, embracing each other in a Climate Action that withdraws from Corporatism’s bottom line.

Our best potential Stand Up, is saving the earth from the climate of The Street.

“Obama Out.”Obama Rainbow

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