Thoughts and Prayers and Calls To Your Senator

Rocked by the worst mass shooting since Wounded Knee, Americans are torn in two reactionary directions: 1. Numbness at the repetitive cycle of gun violence or 2. furious rage at the predictable congressional inaction.

When it most feels we are powerless to do anything but sit and wait for the next “big event” (and numerous daily homicides and suicides along the way), is the most important time to finally pull ourself from our collective inaction and rise up to demand change. Here are a first few small but powerful steps you can take:

Women Against Gun Violence (WAGV) have included a list of 50 senators who voted “No” on closing the terror gap that would have made background checks mandatory on all gun sales. You can find that information at the top of their Facebook page and then call or email each one.

Hollye Dexter, board co-chair for WAGV, joined the group in releasing the following statement this morning:

It is hatred and bigotry, combined with an unchecked gun culture, that together are the lethal weapons of mass destruction against our society. Thoughts and prayers are inadequate band-aids for the anguish this massacre has brought. We pledge ourselves to tolerance and to ending the scourge of gun violence that is tearing our communities apart.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a group with over half a million members, keeps followers informed with breaking news, gun reform actions taken nationwide, and event announcements. They are promising numerous events in the coming weeks.

Everytown For Gun Safety has created a condolence letter/petition for the Orlando community, pledging “your support to fight for an America free from gun violence.” Petitions demonstrate additional strength, both in support of affected communities, as well as to the elected leaders who represent those communities.

The author of this piece is initiating a boycott, intended to take aim at mass public shootings. Boycott for Gun Reform asks participants to stay home on Father’s Day, spending quality time with friends and loved one rather than spending money at movie theaters, shopping malls, or night clubs. The goal is not punish gun reform friendly business, but to send a powerful signal to those folks in congress who only listen to money talking. Participants need only enjoy their day in the comfort of their home or out in nature.

And if you feel truly powerless, just reach out – to a friend, a counselor, a loved one. Heck, feel free to write me a message in the comments section.

I’ll reach back. I promise.

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