Trump’s Really, Really Bad Week As The Walls Close In

This has been–shall we say–an interesting couple of days for Donald Trump.

The Senate made an unprecedented move in voting to advance a bill to end military support for the U.S.-backed Saudi war in Yemen.

Former attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about Trump’s efforts to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow, contradicting the lie Trump told while running for president.

Thursday morning, federal agents raided the Chicago City Hall office of Chicago Finance Committee Chairman Ed Burke, the lawyer who performed property tax work for Trump.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported agents arrived Thursday morning, ordered everyone out, and covered over the windows and door with thick brown paper.

During the 12 years working for Trump, which concluded this past June due to “irreconcilable differences,” Ed Burke cut more than $14 million in property taxes on Trump’s downtown Chicago tower.

Whether or not the raid is related to Trump or Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the fact that it comes a day after Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress is curious.

We now know apparently the price Trump was willing to pay to betray his country–a hotel with a promised $50 million penthouse suite for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday, Cohen admitted he actually was working on plans for Trump’s Moscow project until five months before the presidential election after originally informing Congress that prospective business deal ended before the Iowa caucus in February 2016.

He also admitted keeping “in close and regular contact with White House-based staff and legal counsel” while preparing his mendacious statements to Congress

Cohen also admitted speaking with a Kremlin official and considering arranging for Trump a trip to Moscow after Trump accepted the Republican nomination in July 2016.

The reason for lying, he stated, was to remain consistent with the campaign’s “political messaging” about ties to Russia, which included Donald Trump’s swearing repeatedly to the American people he had none.

Yet after the news about Cohen’s volte-face broke, Trump tried to back-pedal by stating:

 “We had a position to possibly do a deal to build a building of some kind in Moscow. I decided not to do it. The primary reason—there could have been other reasons, but the primary reason, it was very simple: I was focused on running for president. There would be nothing wrong if I did do it. I was running my business while I was campaigning. There was a good chance that I wouldn’t have won, in which case I would’ve gotten back into the business. And why should I lose lots of opportunities?”

After pleading guilty to tax evasion, making false statements to a bank, campaign finance violations, and now lying to Congress, Cohen is scheduled to be sentenced on December 12.

Trump, though…

According to Politico:

“Republican governors are warning President Donald Trump that he and the GOP need to make a sharp course correction after their midterm shellacking to avoid losing again in 2020.”

Trump may not even be on the ballot in 2020.

The next two years are likely to be very historic.

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