Treating the presidency of the United States as an entry-level position

The childish people who want to oppose everything for the sake of attention seem to have their wish. In pretending that the government of the United States is so bad that it ought to be swept away entirely, it seems that a man is about to become president who can do it.

The alleged President-Elect Donald Trump has shown us something of how ignorant he is. He does not even know diplomatic protocol, which is why he is engaging in deal making with Taiwan, which is a huge offense to China. His reaction to this is that China is China, because he does not know any better.

His idea of a Cabinet is people who have already made it known that they oppose oversight in every respect. Safety regulations at work, food inspection and testing, safety in flight–all these things are supposed to go by the board while corporations downshift to the essentials to have employees while they actually cut their wages. The social safety net? They don’t think that people “deserve” it.

I once heard a Republican admonish an audience that there is no account with your name on it in the federal government’s archives. He was lying. There most certainly is an account in Social Security with my name and Social Security number on it, and the money in that account was deposited jointly by me and my various employers over the years. Republicans commonly refer to Social Security as an entitlement. They are lying about that, too. Social Security is earned over the years.

Remember when Congressman Alan Grayson said that the Republican health care plan is to die quickly? Well, they thought about that and decided that it was a great plan, and if you don’t start cooking organic and at home, drinking pure water uitting smoking and taking moderate exercise, you can die quickly for all they care. Have you noticed the increasing alarm in the media over proposed changes in health care, Social Security, Medicare and veterans’ benefits in the media–from the right? From those who initially supported Trump?

Remember when Ted Cruz and the other Tea Party extremists said they wanted to kick the hell out of Washington? They seem to be all ready to start. Trump is going to help them by lying about everything. The endless catalog of video showing how he lies and contradicts himself, then lies about what he said himself, didn’t do much good with people who were just milling around his rallies yelling, “Lock her up!” and other variations of “Shut ‘er down!”

I always say that those who have to learn the hard way, will. And it is never pleasant. Now the people who wanted to put this over on America look like they are going to take us over this cliff like a lot of unwilling lemmings. I once visited the Banzai or Suicide Cliff in Saipan, in the Marianas Islands. It is a huge, high cliff with a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and a distant part of Saipan. Hundreds of Japanese soldiers and civilians walked over the edge of that cliff to their deaths because they knew that the American army was re-conquering the Pacific. An American hero, Guy Gabaldon, talked many of them into surrendering. He was reared by adoptive Japanese-American parents, who may have been interned during the war. Gabldon returned to Saipan after the war and lived there the rest of his life.

I stood there at the cliff, wondering how the people who died there could have done that of their own free will. Now we will learn how the people who handed the future to Donald Trump, if his presidency goes through, will feel when they realize the depth of their betrayal. Hindsight is always perfect, it is said. And it is even more painful than learning the hard way.

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