The Trump Administration: it’s all over but the shoutin’

Donald Trump is not going to move out of the White House next week. His staff is still in place, doing whatever foolishness they think will accomplish their mad scramble to cover their backsides. But in the midst of all the panic, the Trump project has fallen apart already. Things are still there, but the Trump administration is dead.

There are now only two options open to Republicans. They are already herding themselves into two groups. One group, that is clinging to Paul Ryan, I am guessing, is trying to bull their way through this crisis through ignoring reality and pretending that things are going well. This is the classic Republican tactic. They have gone through at least two fraudulent elections simply by paying no attention to those who were sounding the alarms. Only the passivity of the American people allowed them to get away with this.

The other group, which is smaller and very unstable at the moment, is the group that is not denying reality. These Republicans see that the Trump candidacy was a colossal mistake from the start. The election fraud was so egregious that it is not being accepted by the American people. They see that the whole world is looking at Americans and asking what we are going to do about this

An incredible story hit the news Sunday morning: that Trump handed an invoice to Germany’s Angela Merkel, asserting their debt for NATO protections. This forces us to face an ugly truth: Trump does not know the difference between allies and enemies. He has insulted Mexico, the United Kingdom and Germany while cozying up to Russia. There is only one explanation for this: he does not actually know, from his own knowledge and experience, how to conduct himself internationally. He takes his cues from the nay-saying fake news pundits who respect no one, and now he is treating the world the way any ultra-right pundit’s attitude suggests to him.

Add to that the appalling failure of the Republican pretense at governing, and you have total collapse. The Republicans had seven years to come up with a replacement for the Affordable Health Care Act. They have nothing. The AHA was not about health care; it was about the fact that Barack Obama is a black man. And it was about nothing more than that.

I ask you: is racism an acceptable basis for playing with the lives of millions of Americans? Answer that question to yourself! Was repealing the AHA important because it was a bad law, or because Obama had it enacted?

So now the Republicans are painted into a corner. They cannot provide health care; their fraudulent president is in full panic mode inside a White House that is a shambles of disorganization and incompetence. There must be some Republicans, somewhere, who can whip the Washington conservatives into line and step in to intervene in the Trump fiasco.

And I suggest they do it very soon. The cases against Trump are moving quietly ahead with the intelligence community. The Pentagon can step in if the Congress sits around wringing their hands very much longer. Will they sacrifice the Trump charade to save their party?

Many Republicans, right now, finally, are realizing that anarchy and destruction are sitting behind Trump like vultures, watching the decline of America. These Republicans did not intend this. They know full well that the American people did not vote for this. They see that the current health-care controversy is a classic self-defeating trap. If they win, they lose. And if they lose, they lose–perhaps for generations of future candidates who will be fatally flawed if the letter “R” simply appears on a ballot next to their name.

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