Donald Trump doesn’t love you back

The so-called Bus Tapes are now public. Unlike President Obama, who usually replies, “I love you back,” when a woman in the crowd shouts out that she loves him, the same does not hold in the Republican Party. Republicans show a fairly consistent pattern in their preferences, especially when you take into consideration the party scene that politicians inhabit while their wives keep the home fires burning. I would go so far as to say that if a woman doesn’t bleach her hair yellow, she stands little chance of being pursued by powerful Republicans.

I have always held the theory that one of the oldest, if not the very oldest, survival stragegies of women is to attach themselves to a powerful man who would protect them from the random approach of unwanted males. I feel sure that it goes all the way back into prehistory. And I can’t see that there would be any possibility that the strategy, which works well enogh, would be abandoned now, even though the 2016 election shenanigans have made it clear that there is a difference between a man who is powerful, and a man who is both powerful and decent.

The vociferous female supporters of Donald Trump make it a point to reinforce everything he puts out to them, even though he has now given up even the pretense of being a decent man. The icing on the cake came this week, after the so-called Bus Tape became public. After Trump was trounced by the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama, the female Trump supporters came out with signs reading, “Trump cam grab my p***y any time.” This is only a verbalization of Trump’s female talking heads who appear on television and say much the same thing, minus the language.

This is a classic illustration of the abused woman who doesn’t press charges because, “I love that man.” He hurts her, he humiliates her, but she is incapable of drawing a line. This woman has no personal boundaries; nothing is too much for her to accept.

But I will tell you one thing: Trump has his boundaries. He would not touch these women if he had tongs and rubber gloves. The league of women who are acceptable sex objects to him includes beauty queens, models and glamorous television personalities. And he will make an exception once in awhile for a good-looking reporter, all decked out in her interview clothes and acceptably beautified. Get your roots done, ladies, if you want Trump to trifle with you (because that’s all he will do).

But for the ordinary female supporters who are earnestly swearing that Trump could do anything to them–get real. Trump would do nothing to a woman who does not fit the image that he espouses every day. He even lucked out with his wife Melania, who against all odds turns out to be a nice lady. But if you don’t stack up well to her beauty–which is the only thing that interested Trump in the first place–forget about Trump grabbing you just because you love him. Women will profess love for some very rare birds, I must say.

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