Trump Drunk!

We live in interesting times, but here on June 6, the anniversary of D Day I give pause to ponder the term “appeasement”. As Hitler began Marching through Europe taking both tribute and land in the 1930’s, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain first objected and then consented to Hitler’s invasions to avoid conflict. Chamberlain appeased Hitler.

Today however, we deal with another type of appeasement. Donald Trump is a racist and bigot just as certainly as Donald Duck is a cartoon duck. The signs have been there since the beginning. Trump first hemmed and hawed when he received Louisiana’s own Klansman’s endorsement claiming he knew nothing of David Duke or the Klan. HUH? They don’t teach much history at the Wharton School do they? Dog whistles went off everywhere and racists, white supremacist, neo Nazis and skinheads all over these United States sat up and said, “Trump is one of us”

The racists began percolating to the top fairly quickly. Prospective voters began getting robocalls from white supremacist groups in Iowa and other states asking them to support Trump. At one rally in Louisville, Kentucky, white supremacist Matthew Heimbach was filmed pushing a black protester as she exited the rally. White supremacist William Johnson, a leader in the white supremacist movement, was selected as a Trump delegate from California. Trump staff claimed that was a data base error. And then there was this week.

After raising questions of bigotry in his proposed Muslim ban and Mexican Wall demand, Trump cemented himself as the Archie Bunker of the 21st Century by raging against Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel who is hearing the fraud case brought against Trump and his “Trump University” scam as a Mexican who needed to recuse himself. He made this accusation because he supported building a wall on the U.S. Mexican border.

Judge Curiel is not a Mexican. He was born in Indiana and graduated from the University of Indiana School of Law. He has already had a distinguished career as a prosecutor and as a state court judge. He was appointed to the Federal Bench and confirmed by a voice vote of the United States Senate in 2012. His parents were Mexican immigrants. For the most arcane and disgusting reasons Trump assumes that the only reason that he could possibly be losing this lawsuit is that he wants to build a wall and this judge from Indiana with Hispanic heritage wouldn’t like this and rule against him because of this bias.

Now think about this. According to the Family Trumpster all that need be done to disqualify a judge is to have a grievance with the country of the judge’s heritage. I have practiced law. If that was the standard, prior to my client’s trial I would merely have my client stand in the Courtroom and read a list of grievances of every country and ethnic group in the world which would disqualify every judge in the world and since my client could not get his day in court his case would need to be dismissed. Seriously. That’s the logical conclusion of Trumps complaint.

Trump did not even let it go at that. He reiterated this position twice afterward, tripling down,, and enhancing it by stating that he would have a problem with a Muslim judge because a Muslim Judge would not rule fairly because of Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim’s from entering the United States. But…it…didn’t …end…there. At a rally over the weekend after spying a a black man in the audience, Trump exclaimed, “look at my African American over there.” MY African American! Given that Trump has begun calling United States Senator Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas” it’s a wonder he didn’t refer to that gentleman as “Little Black Sambo”

Trump clearly separates any person of color from good old fashioned American White Folks. Our laws in this country prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, creed or national origin. Trump would have to take an oath to support those principles. He cannot. He is a bigot and racist and unfit and disqualified to hold public office. That ladies and gentlemen is not the problem.

What is the problem? It’s the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and Senate that have lined up to support the Archie Bunker caricature. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have refused to disavow him. They opine that they disagree with him but they are still going to vote for him. Why? There is a possibility that they can get some of the Republican “agenda” through with him as President whereas they know they can’t if Hillary Clinton is President. So that’s the reason you want to put an unqualified racist in the White House. I always wanted to know.

Ryan And McConnell are drunk. They are drunk with the lust for power and they are so intoxicated that they believe the end justifies the means. That is a saying attributed to Machiavelli although he never said it. It is really a statement of Russian revolutionary figure, Leon Trotsky. I suppose that if your President is a big fan of Putin, you might as well read up on your Bolsheviks. These “Leaders” of the Legislative branch are appeasing Trump just like Chamberlain appeased Hitler. Invade those countries. Just leave us alone. Sure Trump. Be a bigot. Just sign those bills we put in front of you. No danger in that is there?

When I was in college, I was having a couple of friends over and needed some booze. The liquor store was selling “Benedictine” liquor for two dollars a bottle! Sold! As we took our first sips, my friend Bobby said “This tastes like kerosene; Yuk!” After our second glass, Bobby said, “I guess this isn’t too bad.” After our third glass Bobby said, “How much did you say this was?”

Like liquor, power grows on you until you are drunk with it. Ryan and McConnell are drunk on power and privilege. So much so that they will put the nuclear codes into the hands of a raging racist lunatic. Cheers boys. Good to know you will buy anything if you’re hammered. You’re Trump Drunk! Congrats! That Trump wine kinda grows on you doesn’t it?


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