Trump is Broke

Circumstantial evidence is still sufficient to prove a case in Court. There is a LOT of circumstantial evidence that would establish that in court. This week we had the coup de gras! That will come later. We need to address the proposition that The Donald needs a lesson or two in arithmetic as Bubba Clinton would say.

Although, it may not directly effect his personal financial situation, the fact that four of his businesses (corporations are people right??) have gone bankrupt. He is accused in the media of running what are called “bust out” schemes. A bust out scheme is one where a business gets credit from companies for a project. The project makes money for a time which the owner of the business siphons off into his personal accounts and then files for bankruptcy protection for the business, leaving his creditors unpaid. It is a fairly common ploy. Trump has stated that he loves to play with other people’s money (“OPM”). These bust outs show he does. A wealthy billionaire would have no need to use these schemes. As Mark Cuban – a REAL billionaire – said, Trump could have made more money with an index fund on the S & P 500 than he claims to have made in the last 10 years. If he had the money to invest, that would be true, but, if he has no cash, the bust out schemes make sense.

Trump profits from his campaign. Amazing as it seems, Trump has found a way to make money running for public office. He uses his personal assets such as planes, hotels, ballrooms etc. and charges his campaign for their use at enormous rates. Some might say that he is just a good business man. Others would say he needs the cash flow and is misusing donor money.

Trump owes money to the Chinese. After all his bankruptcies, no American bank would lend Trump money for his real estate projects. He turned to foreign banks and investors. Research has established he owes in excess of $600,000,000 to the Chinese. Rest assured, American banks, unlike the voters, saw his tax returns, and did not like what they saw. Thus, he is into the Chinese and others (Russia??, North Korea??) whom haven’t been identified yet, for millions. Since American Banks won’t deal with Trump, we can make the assumption that he has few liquid assets and has to buy from foreign entities at ridiculous interest rates. That’s not the sign of a wealthy man.

Trump is using his charitable foundation funds for personal purchases. This is the most important slice of circumstantial evidence for me. Make no mistake about it, Trump knows he isn’t suppose to use foundation funds for personal expenses. Yet, he paid off a lawsuit, and bought personal portraits of himself with these funds. It HAD to be intentional. He had to ask for the foundation checkbook. That means he had no money to pay these small items (to him) in his personal account. This means he is broke.

Now you know why Trump is running for President of these United States of America. The President of the United States makes $400,000 per year. That’s just his salary. The national debt will certainly increase when Trump starts buying portraits of himself with social security funds.

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