Trump Misinformation & Mental Health vs. Duty, Honor, Country

By profession, I’m a Movie/Television/Theatre man always progressing forward more often than not, figuratively astride Old Bob filling my Left stirrup with filmic happy endings and my right with the pragmatic common sense of a moderate:  reason – hoping to protect our children’s future from the ravages of what Trump enablers and McConnell have done to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation Party.   

Imagine, Too Big to Jail Bankers, aided and abetted by Bush/Cheney, even more ravenous for their next economic, political and environmental puppet prince.

Despite the 2020 tragic political horror show, most Americans expect after Tuesday 3 November, life will return to being what we used to see at the movies:  Big Screen glow lighting our oversized bucket of buttered popcorn and mounds of joy, with usual K.I.S.S. super heroes providing happy endings, on and off screen.

But can America make such a comeback?

I’m a Vietnam era Vet and when I read that an average of twenty veterans die from suicide per day, I’m reminded that everyone in my Basic Training squad went to Vietnam except one.  I was stationed at Ft Meade singing in the Soldiers Chorus of the Army Field Band, but like the boat owners who rushed to help the Coast Guard rescue New Yorkers off Manhattan on 9/11/01, I get it.

Combat Veterans, who returned home forever changed as we are now, allowing a GOP aligned with a president projecting his reckless carelessness on military and civilian families who’ve sacrificed the most; for whom, support our troops, is a mere convenience, must not be permitted to redefine our Exceptionalism.  We must reclaim our vote, our dreams and our nation.

2020 is not the first time in American history that political leaders have been subject to potential harm, indeed, deadly force.  We have a murderous history of neighbor against neighbor since before we were a nation, even after a bitterly divisive Civil War, but it didn’t take a nuclear threat to all life on earth for us to benefit from a statesman and humanitarian who cared about our children’s children, to honor the office of president of the United States.

Since 8 November 2016, there has been an increasing addiction to Opioids, derisive division, racism, Climate Change denial, Alcohol, a willingness to kidnap and terrorize a sitting Governor, and, with our silence, permit a non-peaceful transfer of presidential power.

This isn’t patriotism.  It’s domestic terrorism, instigated at the very seat of American power, and like 1930s Europe, it’s in plain sight.  Think about that and decide what role you’re playing because America’s life hangs in the balance.

Even as, United We Stand, barely manages to hold its Preamble above the quicksand of tyranny, pushing us toward calling on a Foggy Bottom solution, we must weigh heavily on, what shredding our Constitution in order to save it will mean, the day after.

We are not what a Land of the Free looks like now, nor how a Home of the Brave addresses such behemoth global challenges. 

Bravery is having the courage to recognize the problem and mastermind a solution that empowers truth as the measure of patriotic fortitude – to tell the truth about a global pandemic threatening the lives of people you were elected to preserve, protect and defend. 

Bravery is, Duty, Honor, Country.

So why aren’t our elected leaders and America’s Fourth Estate talking heads discussing immediate potentially life-saving solutions.  Why aren’t we, The Electorate asking for new laws that see American security more in scientific, medical and technical achievement than wars, unlimited terms in Congress and Climate Change?

Where’s the beefed up 25th Amendment?  How long should we not legally suspend the repeated display of amoral and illegal behavior of a president before we move to officially question his fitness for office

Where is the mandate that says, when the House impeaches, the Senate must call witnesses to insure we remain a nation of laws and order?

When will we recognize that we’re becoming the very thing we oppose, and propose we make our one person one vote Exceptionalism, Sacrosanct patriotism, instead of continually allowing the habitual addiction to dirty money to erode our electoral process?

Our president’s anemic response to America’s COVID19’s 7,717,932 cases is partially responsible for America’s 214,370deaths, so it’s not just non-voters and Undecideds who are tacitly enabling Trump’s anti-Americanism.

We must not only vote in every election but pay attention to what the elected actually do between each election, or like Trump, we too will be responsible for America’s losses.

Some movies pay tribute to the cost of our freedom.  Three made after the real-life Cuban Missile Crisis revealed how easily America could be disappeared from within.

With malice toward none, let’s vote rationally because logical and equitable solutions require enlightened leaders.

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