Have Republicans Gone Crazy? “Drumpf” Could Be President

Dear Republicans,

What exactly is going on? You Republicans start out with multiple candidates for President. In the debates, all your candidates do is fight with each other. Your outsider candidate, DONNY BOY, sweeps every other Republican away, even though the world hates him! Now that he is the “Presumptive Nominee,” since all the others quit. And you haters have forgotten all the nasty, backbiting and are all backing him? You go from Hating him to Endorsing him? Standing behind him in a meek wimpy little line while he rants and offends everyone in the world?


It’s bad enough that you spend all your time trampling women’s rights. Passing new laws to take away women’s rights. What is up with that? Fifty-one% of the population are women! Your wife, your mother, your sister, your daughter! Do you think they are going to thank you for trampling their rights? (After they recover from brainwashing, that is).

Then you go trample LGBT rights, transgender rights, citizens rights. Is there anything you can do that doesn’t involve trampling someone? Oh right, you did actually file a petition to change undocumented immigrants back to the previous moniker “Illegal Aliens” for the Library of Congress. Because Illegal Aliens makes you haters so much happier! How about approving funding to fight the Zika virus? Not until enough of you get bitten?

You hate everyone except rich white men! That is so obvious now. Why would anyone who is not white and not a man vote for any Republican? If you evict all of the non-white men and women, who is going to clean your bidet? Have your thought about that? I’m pretty sure the likes of Melania will not stoop that low!

Now you ditch what remained of your principles and “stand behind the most hated presidential candidate ever?” Way to show how great your party is by allowing a bigot to become your nominee! You have lost it all! You have no backbone, no courage, no integrity!

Ted Cruz goes from being a strong opponent (albeit nuts), to supporting this insane prima donna who insulted his wife. Way to stand up for her, Teddy! Your girls must be so proud. Watch America go to hell!

Chris Christie gets his debts paid by Trump for endorsing him. Isn’t that illegal? You have lost all the scruples and morals that you never had.

The #NeverTrump Movement has vanished and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who began standing firmly against Trump, has mellowed. Mellowed? Ryan? How much is Drumpf paying you? And now Rubio is supporting Trump? Seriously? There are no sane voices in the Republican Party anymore, not that there ever were.

Surely there is some kind of Job Description or Regulations for persons wanting to run for President. Given Trump’s current situation with tax fraud, wouldn’t that render him ineligible? I looked up the qualification to be President and there wasn’t much: “Resident within the United States” for 14 years, age 35 and a “natural born Citizen”

Time to start investing in retirement property in Canada! After 7 1/2 years of fabulous President Obama, I don’t think I can live in anti-America, where Discrimination rules, “stupid” rules, Bigots Rule!

Mythical Goddess, please save our country!

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