The Trump so-called presidency is over

Okay, I’m officially aghast. When you are aghast, you kind of sit around being aghast and can’t do much of anything else. I have been trying to wrap my mind around the first few weeks of the so-called president and I am only just beginning to put together the two parts of this fiasco that have fought their way to the surface of my heaving, bubbling thoughts.

The first element of the self-destructing Trump administration is the one I have been trying to draw attention to for months. The Republican election machine stole their third presidential election. They got away with it. This is not normal or acceptable, yet the Democratic Party has been rolling over for years and putting up with it. John Kasich’s bright idea of disenfranchising voters was met with indifference because, I think, Democrats actually did not realize that the provisional ballots that were handed out were not counted. That means that Hillary Clinton won by many more millions of votes than were totaled to almost 3 million last year.

The Republican election fraud has totally backfired, though, which warms the cockles of my heart. They swung into action like well-trained monkeys only to hand over the reins of government to a psychopath. The ascension of Trump is killing them but their mentality is never to admit that. I wouldn’t know what is going on behind the scenes, but I have read that it is near-chaos in Washington. This is richly deserved by Republicans and I would love to see them suffer through it, except that innocent bystanders are affected.

Now we turn to the Trump bromance with Vladimir Putin. It is clear that the Trump team spent a lot of time in contact with Russia, assuring them that if he was elected he would make life easier for them, particularly in relation to Syria. His team also asked for the release of damaging material about Hillary Clinton, which Trump stupidly bragged about on the record.

Most educated Americans understand that eavesdropping requires a warrant, and release of the information is rigidly protected–in America, that is. But other nations who spy are releasing recordings of the Trump team committing treason. They can; it isn’t any breach of their privacy rights. So sentence by sentence, the man behind the curtain is revealed for the traitor that he is.

Why was it so easy just to dangle dollars in front of Republicans and Donald Trump, and get them to jump over the dead bodies of American people to collect? Who wants to be a billionaire like the Koch Brothers when you can be a trillionaire like the rich Russian pertro class? Trillions–that’s better than billions, right? I want to be a trillionaire! Jump over dead bodies, did I say? Hell, they would crawl naked over broken glass to get to that big pile of cash.

What we need to do is nullify the 2016 election on the basis of a gigantic election fraud. There is a case addressing this issue heading to the Supreme Court. From now on, Hillary Clinton is the rightful president of the United states. Trump is illegitimate. He is a traitor. His staff is as culpable as he is–and smarter and better educated to boot (not that it did them any good, by all appearances). The Supreme Court has to intervene here, or else the Pentagon and the FBI will come to the White House and take Trump away in handcuffs. Boy, wouldn’t that make a swell campaign ad for the Democrats?

If the political class of Americans have a shred of dignity, or even common sense, they will get in front of this parade and step in. The Republicans cannot bull their way through and hope for the best. Get on board or you will get hit by the train.

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