Trump IS the Republican Party….NONE of Them Will Honor the Election

OMG says the punditry on every cable station. OMG says the radio talk shows en masse. OMG scream headlines across the nation. OMG is heard from the table next to you at lunch. OMG screams FB and Twitter.

Donald Trump is has refused to agree to accept the outcome of the election. Donald Trump is undermining our democracy by failing to stand by the most fundamental principles this country represents when it elects a President. Donald Trump is anathema to everything we as a people, as a nation, as a country have stood for for the last 240 years. O-M-G!!

Yeah, well he is neither the first, nor the last, Republican to do so. As a matter of fact, that is the hallmark of the GOP since Obama was elected in 2008? Where have you been for the last 8 years?

Where were you when Mitch McConnell called a secret meeting the day after the 2008 election vowing to make sure that Obama did not get a single thing through Congress and every Republican joined him?

Where were you when Mitch McConnell and the ENTIRE GOP decided that the most important goal in dealing with the economic crash, bank crisis, housing collapse, destruction of millions of pensions, and rampant unemployment, was to make sure that Obama was a one term President despite an overwhelming turnout by the American people to elect him?

Where have you been while Republicans refuse to work; refuse to debate; refuse to do their jobs until the man chosen as President TWICE by the American people, leaves office?

Where were you when Republicans overwhelmingly agreed that the black guy in the White House was illegitimate…..year after year after year? They only stopped saying it and promoting it when they could use Trump as their poster child to say it for them.

Where were you when 37 Republican governors and state legislatures rolled back health care for women and families, and refused to abide by the laws of this country because they personally don’t like those laws?

Where were you the 34 times Republicans wasted our tax money trying to repeal Obama Care when we overwhelmingly voted to keep it in 2012?

Where were you when the Senate refused to even meet with a Supreme Court candidate because Obama chose him and they have left our Federal Courts overwhelmed and understaffed for 8 straight years?

Where were you when Paul Ryan refused to allow discussion on the floor of the House when 91% of the American people wanted to close the no fly no buy loophole after more than 100 Americans were slaughtered in a night club?

Where were you when the Senate filibustered every bill, even bills presented to give medals and commendations to our veterans, just to make sure there was no possibility that a duly elected President might succeed in the job we the people elected him to do?

Where were you just last week when Mitch McConnell and John McCain agreed to block every single appointment and SCOTUS choice if Hillary Clinton is elected? How is that for not honoring the outcome of an election? For Obama they had the decency to wait until the day after the election.

mcain-scotsTrump got his statement to defy the people directly from the GOP.

Donald Trump said EXACTLY what the ENTIRE Republican Party has been saying for the last 24 years.We have power and we don’t care what America wants. We don’t care what people vote for? We don’t care how many petitions or phone calls, or letters to your Congressmen.

We, the Republican Party, will decide. We, the Republican Party will obstruct, oppose, defy, and deflect anything and everything unless it suits our donors and our base? We the GOP don’t care that a majority of Americans have voted…we, the bloated elephant in the room….will decide what is best for America.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution…

Yeah, well, Republicans don’t buy into that stupid Constitutional thing. They no longer honor their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend it, They signed an oath to Grover Norquist instead.

Donald Trump made it clear last night that he is not willing, nor is he capable of, honoring one of the most fundamental precepts in our country. But he didn’t come up with that idea. He got the idea from the GOP playbook. He got it from McCain and McConnell and Ryan. Donald Trump is their creation. He is their mouthpiece. He is the very persona of their policies and views, and vision for this country. They have made new pacts with each other before the election even happens, to continue their agenda regardless of what a bunch of pesky American voters tell them.

Screw America. Republicans have a party platform and they will shove it down our throats whether we like or not. The GOP are, after all, patriots to their party. The country no longer matters.

There is a way to show them that the people of America will not tolerate Trump’s defiance of our most fundamental principles. That we will not stand for GOP disrespect of us as a people, nor their derision of our nation. Vote. Vote them out of office. Vote them back to the streets they look down upon. Start with John McCain and Paul Ryan and send them into historical oblivion. VOTE!

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