Trump Tells the Truth?

The real reason the Republican party is afraid of Donald Trump is his accidental truth telling. Which is a delicious irony coming from a guy that lies so much.

The latest example of this was Trump’s announcement that he would meet with the NRA to get the gun laws changed.

Ooops. The NRA doesn’t make gun laws! Or do they? In a very deep sense Trump is right, of course in that if the NRA were to support some kind of gun law, the Repugnicans would vote for it, no question.

But that is not the fiction we are supposed to believe. We are supposed to believe that it is actually Congress that makes our laws. But Trump did not call for a meeting with McConnell or Ryan. No, he went straight to the NRA.

Bruce Bartlett says he doesn’t think that Trump is “plant” from the Democrats intended to divide and destroy the Republican party. But, he says, Trump is acting just like one.

Naively revealing who really makes our gun laws is a perfect example of Trump destroying Republicans from within!

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