Trump: The Art of Distraction

Attempting to control the lunacy of an erratic narcissist is an insurmountable task, just ask the Team Trump. Trump’s unfiltered and unhinged bloviating can be a liability, though more often than not, his campaign benefits from the disparaging remarks and cockamamie conspiracy theories. The spinsters use his incessant impropriety as a tool to keep us from focusing on the high stakes issues. The Trump team has mastered the art of the press workout. Examples abound, but for the sake of timeliness, I will focus on the past 72 hours.

The High Stakes Issue:

Tuesday September 13: On her eponymous show, Rachel Maddow teases Eichanwald’s Newsweek article, reading excerpts of the article that is to be released the next day.

Wednesday September 14, 2016: Newsweek publishes Kurt Eichanwald’s scathing article “How the Trump Organization’s Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S National Security” which focuses on the Trump Organization’s numerous connections to foreign entities and the severe conflicts of interest Trump will face if he were to become President. Yes, I’m still talking about this. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Timeline of Trump Press Workout:

Tuesday: September 13: Media learns that Trump, being ever the showman, will be appear on Dr. Oz’s daytime talk show to release medical records.

Wednesday September 14: Trump tapes the episode of the Dr. Oz show, which will air the next day. The news cycle is inundated with discussions of transparency regarding medical records for presidential candidates. There are also interviews with Oz’s studio audience giving us bits of information about the interview.

Wednesday September 14: Trump speaks at a church in Flint, Michigan. He uses the opportunity to attack Clinton instead of thanking the audience for all they have done for Flint. He gets shut down by Rev. Faith Green Timmons. It is awesome. Now, the Trump campaign may have only expected this appearance to be a diversion, and not a scandal, but a little reflection on Trump’s history would conclude that this was bound to go poorly. It worked out for them in the end, because it flooded the news cycle.

Thursday September 15: Donald Trump Jr. really takes one for the team by making horrific Holocaust allusions saying the media would “be warming up the gas chamber” if Republicans lied like Hillary Clinton. Scandal sacrifice achieved. I’m not convinced he did it on purpose. I think he’s just ignorant. But, the more the Trumps talk, the more they inspire conversation.

Thursday September 15: The Dr. Oz interview airs and we learn snippets about Trump’s health, including the fact that he is overweight. We are thankful that we have this groundbreaking information. The news cycle focuses on BMI and fast food eating.

Thursday September 15: Trump keeps the Flint discussion going by insulting the pastor claiming that “something was up” and that she was “a nervous mess.” He, however, does not add that he was out of line. Why would he?

Thursday September 15: Trump’s campaign releases a statement painting Trump as the King of Birthers, saying “Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.” Well that settles that. Except it doesn’t because Trump Surrogates are saying the opposite in interviews. Are we befuddled or are they muddled? Are we being purposefully confused? The news cycle focuses on Trump’s Birther history.

Thursday September 15: In order to add clarity to the Birther situation when asked by the Washington post if President Obama was born in the United States, Trump says “I’ll answer that question at the right time. I just don’t want to answer it yet.” This is going well. Now we can focus on why his campaign is saying one thing, and Trump is saying another- Or nothing, as the case may be.

Thursday September 15: Wait, a glimmer. We are getting somewhere on Trump Organization’s foreign ties. Trump states in an interview with Newsweek (one of the only major publications that seems to be discussing this) “I will sever connections, and I’ll have my children and my executives run the company and I won’t discuss it with them. I wouldn’t care. It’s so unimportant compared to what I’m doing right now.” Unimportant? That’s interesting. I was under the impression that Trump likes money. A lot. And that the Trump Organization brings in a great amount of money for him. He has connections with his children, but he won’t be involved? Maybe the media should ask him these questions? Oh well, we are headed back to the distractions.

Friday September 16: Donald Trump Jr. is now playing the victim. He believes he is being attacked by the media, because the media has nothing to attack his father on. He also states that his “gas chamber” comment “was a poor choice of words perhaps, but in no way, shape or form was I remotely talking about the Holocaust. I wouldn’t do it. I think it’s disgusting.” But, what about that Pepe meme, Donald Jr? I digress.

Friday September 16: Trump is browbeaten into saying, unceremoniously “President Barack Obama was born in the United States.” And with that, Trump’s 5 year long racist Birther campaign against the first African American President of the United States has come to an end. What Trump did was unforgivable, but those that forgive him probably never blamed him.

So here we are, 72 hours after the Eichanwald article was released, exhausted and prattling on about the latest shenanigans. Trump creates noise. All of his repulsive statements and actions must be acknowledged, but ruckus takes us off course. We must not be distracted.

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