If Trump Wins, Who Will Lead the Democrats in a Post Apocolyptic World?

Early polls weren’t good today for Hillary Clinton. For the first time I considered what would happen to the Democratic Party should Donald Trump win the Presidential Election. Clinton still has a lead but it’s small and too close for comfort. What will happen to the Democratic Party hasn’t been discussed, but it will be if Trump wins. And in a big ugly way.

Rancor inside the Republican Party has been discussed to death over the “Trump Era” of the last year and a half. Pundits all see the end of the party, splits in the party and new parties forming. No one has looked at the Democratic Party as it has been assumed to be stable. It is NOT stable.

A 74 year old Independant Socialist from Vermont and some Russian hackers made that clear. Let’s tell it like it is to quote Howard Cosell and Richard Nixon. Hillary Clinton and her internal connections with the African American community and within the Democratic Party itself determined who would win the nomination. Let me make this clear. That’s politics. The Democratic Party is not a democracy in and of itself. Super delegates and long term contacts are helpful and part of the system. Whether that system should change is a story for another day.

It is not surprising that Hillary Clinton was the party’s choice if not all the voters’ choice. If she loses the election, I believe you will see a witch hunt to end all witch hunts. What can the democratic establishment say? They nominated someone who had more skeletons in her closet than Jeffrey Dahmer. Nancy Pelosi and her pal Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and Chuck Schumer (who suggested to Clinton that she run for Senate in New York) will be out quickly. The Clinton wing of the party is dead.

Bernie Sanders is not a democrat and cannot take over the mantle. Other progressives can. A leading candidate is his fellow progressive Jeff Merkley from Oregon. He endorsed Sanders, indicating he saw the future, but was savvy enough in politics to endorse Clinton as soon as Sanders was out of contention. Elizabeth Warren seems too interested in policy to crave a leadership position. Sherrod Brown couldn’t help deliver Ohio. Al Franken may end up as No. 2 in Senate leadership. He will be a good “second banana”.

In the House, longtime Sanders Supporter Tulsi Gabbard will have a huge position change. She is bright, very articulate and a Major in the National Guard (also the only member of Congress to have a picture of her surfing on her congressional web page). She was also a deputy to Wasserman Shultz at the DNC, who saw the corruption in that organization and left to support Senator Sanders. Raul Grijavala, Congressman from Arizona and a Sanders supporter will be another member of Leadership in the new, younger more progressive Democratic Caucus.

Another person to watch is Sanders campaign surrogate and former Ohio state Senator Nina Turner. Look for her to take a position at the DNC. She won’t be the Chair. She will be there to watch the DNC.

In a Post Clinton world, the DNC is sure to change. The Clintons domination is done. A new sun will rise. Let’s see what the election brings.

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