Trump’s Internal Strategy

For anyone paying attention, Trump has signaled his internal political strategy, and frankly it is terrifying.

On the one hand, with the appointment Reince Preibus, he is saying that the shoveling of money upward to the One Percent is back on in a big way. The appointment of Steve Bannon indicates how Trump will handle the base to keep them from realizing they have been swindled again.

We already know what Priebus and his crony, Paul Ryan, have in mind for us. The same Republican sludge they always come up with, the plan that trashed the economy under W. Bush. Massive tax breaks for the One Percent, massive increases in useless Pentagon spending, complete deregulation of the financial sector. We’ve seen it all before, an economic plan for the 19th Century. Even if some kind of “infrastructure” program somehow sneaks through Congress, you can rest assured that most of the money will wind up in the hands of the One Percent and no jobs will be created and no actual improvements in infrastructure.

So, there is nothing new there.

The scary part is the Bannon part of the plan. W. Bush had a foreign war to distract folks from his disastrous economic policies. Will Bannon create an internal war?

Trumps followers have certainly shown an ability to punch down, to attack and blame those “below” them in social order.

To hear them say it, all their problems come from Mexicans, Chinese and the Jewish New World Order. Or some such crap. We already know that Bannon fans these flames. But the real question is, will this vile hatred move from the Neo-Nazi discussion boards out into the streets?

I don’t think that it is too far-fetched to think so.

Will they turn a blind eye to vigilante groups, or will they actually encourage them? I don’t think a formal Brown Shirt Brigade is out of the question. Lashing out at the “enemies” of the country is a perfect way to distract the angry mob from the fact that their country will be descending down to a Third World level.

In some sense you have to give credit to Trump. As much as he lies, he always seems to telegraph his true strategies. And the Priebus/Bannon appointments foreshadow where things will be going.

It is a strategy straight out of the Putin playbook. No surprise there either.

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