Trump’s Kryptonite

The bird that would soar above the plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings.
? Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Who would have thought that the kryptonite to this truly horrible man would have been, not a politician or a talking head, but a real live person from reality. He and his wife stood up to the bully and punched him in the face with a pocket constitution. They are the reason folks are voting this election. To the millions of uninspired voters that don’t trust Hillary or the establishment, and also distrust an angered orange baboon, the parents of a dead Marine from a war started long ago with no purpose and was started by the last incompetent baboon, seem to have a very valid point.
Because, in the heart of every American lies a patriot! You can talk about building a wall, yell at the press, spread lies and disinformation of topics meant to disrupt and mislead, or as I like to call them emails, even kick out a crying baby, but talk shit about a brave young Marine who gave his life for us, talk shit about his bereaved parent too? I think we have found the line folks, that point when every American has taken notice and has judged the Donald and found him wanting.
So with that we slide into August as we go head-first into September. What Treasures await us? What new outrages and scandals are in store from the WikiLeaks? Will the disheveled administrator of WikiLeaks ever be held accountable for raping those girls? Will all the bad taste Bill Clinton jokes now be replaced with worse Julian Assange jokes? Who is going to be the first Republican representative to call Hillary a bitch and Barack Obama the n-word? Like I said I’m sitting here with my black and white cardboard cutout of Jon Stewart, a big box of popcorn, some weed, and my friend who looks at me from his wheelchair and says it could be worse.

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