Trump’s Massive Flip Flop

Sometimes fact checkers can be 100% accurate, but completely miss the point. Trump’s feelings about the Iraq war is a perfect case in point.

Trump says he opposed the Iraq war. Fine let him have it his way. Because there is an obvious follow up question:

What made you change your mind? You opposed Bush bombing Iraq then, but you want to bomb there now, why the change?

Trump cannot deny he wants the military more involved in the Middle East now, he’s said it enough times:


So, if he opposed the Iraq war before it started, as he has insisted soooo many times, then as it when on it must have seemed like a better and better idea to him. That is the only logical conclusion.

Sometime after the Iraq war started, it must have seemed a like a good idea, not a mistake, because he now wants to repeat the process.

THIS is the question we should be asking Trump now, by his statements:

“What made you think that Iraq was such a good idea after the war started that we should do the same thing now in Syria?”

It is a simple question and should be asked of Trump in the next debate. Or any time really.

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