Trump’s Problem with “Nasty” Women

With a snarky, cutting aside Donald Trump has driven the final nail into his campaign’s coffin. Trump began the debate as if he were under sedation. Evidently, Trump’s handlers believe speaking in monotone and struggling to keep one’s eyes open reads more “presidential” than Trump’s typically bombastic nature. It seems as though the majority of Trump’s debate prep was wasted on behavior modification rather than policy exploration.

Exhausted from his futile attempts to present himself as even-mannered, and roused by a few pointed pokes from Hillary Clinton, Trump abandoned the charade and devolved into the misogynistic man-child we have grown accustomed to. When Clinton quipped about Trump figuring a way out of his Social Security payroll contribution, Trump shook his head, pointed his finger and said directly into the microphone “such a nasty woman.”

Clinton’s sharp witticism was not a stretch. Trump has boasted that he works hard to “pay as little tax as possible” and bragged about exploiting government loopholes that benefit him financially. Pointing out this detrimental and self-serving pattern of behavior does not make Clinton a “nasty” woman; it makes her a savvy one. If Clinton had made an outlandish or degrading accusation to precipitate Trump’s berating outburst, it may have been more understandable, not acceptable, but explainable. Instead, Trump’s behavior was demonstrative of issues with his temperament and his lack of capacity for self-control.

Trump claims that “nobody respects women more than I do,” an ironic statement from a man that is much more Henry VIII than Barack Obama. Evidenced by his actions and statements, Trump does not respect women. Below is a smattering of examples of his misogyny and degradation of women. It is not a full list, because if I were to present that, I would run into bandwidth issues.

Poetic justice will be served when Trump meets his electorate doom by the hands of women. Take a look at these tables from Nate Silver’s, FiveThirtyEight:

Image Credit: FiveThirtyEight

lead-big women-supporting-clinton


Though Clinton, herself, is a formidable opponent, Trump’s true adversary is the voting woman.

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