Lord – Trump’s Racist Surrogate

Tonight on Anderson Cooper’s show, I watched a Trump surrogate named Jeff Lord defend Trump’s recent racist attack on the judge hearing one of the class actions involving Trump University. I would never have thought to see this, but Lord did so by being even more racist than Trump himself.
Lord’s main point seemed to be that if an Hispanic judge belongs to an Hispanic lawyers society, i.e., realizes that he’s Hispanic, that means he’s racially biased. Which means, of course, that women lawyers’ groups are sexist. And black lawyers’ groups are racist. And Asian lawyers’ groups are racist. But standard bar organizations, dominated by white males, are not, because by definition to be white and male is to be neutral on all things.
Wow. Just wow. Of course it follows that none of the racist, i.e., non-white, non-male groups should should sit in judgment of white male defendants, either as judges or, one suspects, jurors.
Logically, therefore, only white male juries guided by white male judges can judge white male defendants. So, by the same logic, why is it okay for white juries guided by white judges to judge black, Hispanic, or Asian defendants? And why is it that white male jurors guided by white male judges can judge female defendants of whatever ethnicity?
Oh, right, because to be white and male is to be Olympian, uninfluenced by one’s race or gender.
Stunning. Just stunning.
I’ve seen so many articles detailing how Trump has ripped the mask off Republican racism and sexism and so many others saying Trump does not speak for the real Republican Party, the party of the sainted Reagan. But, according to Wikipedia, Jeff Lord is a former member of the Ronald Reagan administration, a former White House associate political director 1987–1988. And if he ain’t a real Republican, who is?

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