Trump’s Ruckus Threatens to Derail Debate

There’s a buzzing in the air this morning and nervous energy abounds. The debate is upon us. We have been talking about it for months, and now it is finally here. Honestly, it is slightly overwhelming. A ticking time bomb on the corner of the television screen shows how many hours, minutes and seconds are left before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take to the podium. Does anyone think this is going to go well?

Trump’s Debate Tactics

Trump has proven in his compendious debate history that he relishes in the spectacle of it all. His goal, more so than speaking about policy, is to bring entertainment to the stage. Trump’s go to tactic is to rattle off zingers and one liners, rather than answering policy questions. Remember when he attempted to pick a fight with Megyn Kelly during the first Republican primary debate? Or when he avoided answering a question about his history of insulting women, by ruthlessly insulting Rosie O’Donnell?

His adversaries were not spared from his evil tongue. Trump insulted Marco Rubio’s stature by dubbing him “Little Marco.” He reverse “your mama’d” Jeb Bush by saying that Barbara Bush should be the Bush running for president and went for the guts with Ted Cruz, calling him a nasty guy who has no support from his colleagues. Trump feels attacked when people challenge him intellectually, and his defense mechanism is to divert attention from his inadequacy by hitting his opponents with low blows.

The reality television star has already been hard at work orchestrating his opus of distraction. When Trump heard that Clinton had invited billionaire and avid #NeverTrump advocate, Mark Cuban to the debate, he upped the ante on his typical disgusting behavior. Trump reached out to President Bill Clinton’s former mistress and author of the literary masterpiece “Sleeping with the President: My Intimate Years with Bill Clinton“: Gennifer Flowers. Flowers, whose presence in the national arena has been insignificant for years, was brought up from the underbelly by a snake charming Trump. The Trump campaign is now claiming that Flowers was never invited to the debate, however, tweets from Trump and Flowers say otherwise.

Image Credit: @realdonaldtrump Twitter

Image Credit: @realdonaldtrump Twitter

Image Credit: @gennflowers Twitter

Image Credit: @gennflowers Twitter








Flowers seems to have a knack for being places where she doesn’t belong.

Fact Checking Controversy

Trump’s trepidation is evident. His intelligent and capable female opponent has made her way under his skin. Trump will attempt to commandeer the conversation tonight, to shift the focus off his lack of competence. Here’s hoping that debate moderator Lester Holt takes Trump to task.

The run-up to tonight’s main event has not been without controversy. A debate has raged on regarding whether the job of the moderator is to fact check the candidates during the broadcast. The Clinton campaign, believes that fact checking does fall under the moderator’s job description, while the Trump campaign does not. Perhaps Trump does not want on the spot fact checking because most of what he plans to say is false or a distortion of the facts, a tactic he used in NBC’s Commander-In-Chief Forum.

Regardless, our challenge will be listening beyond Trump’s tumult, focusing on the candidates truthfulness and policies, which will greatly impact our nation and its citizens.

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