A Valentine for Libs, Cons, Marks and Original Intent

I was no fan of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, but this Justice was no obstructionist Mitch McConnell, no hypocritical member of Congress, and no opportunistic ego maniacal Republican candidate for president.

Justice Scalia and I shared an Italian-American heritage, Roman Catholic Faith and love for both the Opera and operatic argument. Beyond this, our paths part, if not always in peace, because I believe the genius of our Founding Fathers is more than words on parchment. It is, potentially, the very life’s breath, mind and heartbeat of human kindness.

Death, our ever present silent partner, enters only to remind, our true Original Intent is, Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, for what we do unto others with the time we’re given is testament to character, definition of humanity and covenant with the universe.

Remaining an eternal Boomer, I’ve repeatedly cast my electoral ballot for another New Deal or New Frontier, knight in shining armor, knowing:

  • Until there are perfect human beings, there will be no perfection in Wall Street board rooms, at any level of government, or in voting booths
  • Neo-cons coning easy Marks with fears our Finest Hours are behind us, are fooling some of the people all of the time
  • Humanity is abused when we confuse values with telling each other what to do and with whom to do it

Despite trickle-down Reagan, the man from Hope trade-offs and Yes We Can compromises, we never allowed our destiny to be trumped because, even in unanticipated death, Lincoln prevailed. Nonetheless, it’s futureless to demand change and reform without the pragmatic will to put the foundations under them. So, how long will we mark every four or eight years, with ninety-degree turns, swinging wildly like a twisted pendulum in the wind?

Whether a trumped Mark, Canadian Evangelical or aging Independent, 2016 is another national defining election. As we teeter on the reef of truth or dare, potentially voting like pinballs bouncing off our last hit, opting to ignore new water, food, climate reality, we could still recapture our United We Stand, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

So why willingly attend the reading of the will of those who willed us, preemptive war on credit, banker imposed crash, The Great Recession and double digit unemployment?

It’s not just the Party we elect. It’s what we continually elect to elect.

While Republican revisionists brainwashed us with water-boarding, Freedom Fries and the demonization of the Left L word, Democrats, as we had for the first Roman Catholic, pushed forward for the first black looking, first female and first Jewish American President of the United States. However, young first-time voters were not media ridiculed for electing Kennedy or Obama.

It’s not just settling for the lesser of two evils. It’s confusing the one evil with, one nation under God. Blinded by deceptive drawls and fast talking celebrity waving our old glory to Open Carry hallelujiahs, we multiply division with etch-a-sketch elections.

Bernie Sanders, like Bobby Kennedy is a magnificent Light House, but no matter how bright the beacon, without ship captains tested in international waters, can we sail through a perfect storm of Koch, Corporatism and Right Wing headwinds, to the sane harbor of reason?

Historically, we elect presidents for their speeches, looks, smiles and in reaction to their predecessors, but considering most American problems come from grumpy old white men addicted to conquering for plunder, maybe it’s time for a tougher, broad POV.

Primaries are like dating, but elections are marriage. Now that our Ship of State has been ripped in half by an increasing imbalance between the haves and those who used to have, neglecting those who never had, maybe for once, we shouldn’t send a grumpy old man to do a woman’s job.

Who keeps things balanced in your home?

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