A Quick Science Lesson: Vote for Hillary

Klimt: Tree of Life - Wikimedia

Klimt: Tree of Life – Wikimedia


A quick science lesson and what trees have to do with a vote for Hillary.

Where does air come from? Trees. Or, more specifically, what keeps our air breathable? Photolysis and photosynthesis. We all remember that last one from school, right? Leaves go through a process of photosynthesis and that’s why they’re green, right? Photolysis is one you probably don’t know but it’s what happens to air molecules when light hits the atmosphere. It breaks apart the water part from the gas part.

Here’s what’s important. Without a lot of photosynthesis, the process of photolysis results in more air gasses drawn down to and absorbed into minerals. Really. Oxidization, the process that causes rust, is photolysis. Red rocks? Red earth? Photolysis back in the day. This made air heavier. So, our early atmosphere, back before we started, was mostly methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen. We can’t breath that. If we do, we die.

So, trees. Photosynthesis basically means that trees absorb the carbon dioxide and monoxide, and release air. All clean. So, as the earth developed trees, and grass, and bushes, the air changed and became beeathable, thus allowing for man. Ever heard of the tree of life? It’s a symbol used by just about ever culture in some way. By the way, if you believe in creation and that the earth is 6,000 years old, if you’ve even gotten this far, you should probably quit now. This is for people that want to learn something.

Over time, as man pursues ever more technology and just stuff, the rain forests of the Amazon are burned off so that the poor indigenous farmers have land to farm. Use of fossil fuels changes the atmosphere just enough that it creates a sort of cover that heats up the earth (think of a car on a summer day; the air is enclosed with nowhere to go and heats up). Air is moved by heat and cold (jet streams, remember?) and changes in temperature change weather patterns (why do you think we have a hurricane ‘season’?). So, we have droughts, and with dryer conditions, more fires, and all that carbon from all those fires adds to the ‘cover’ heating up our air and so on and so forth. So we lose more trees.

See how just little things, when multiplied by the billions of people on the earth, can change our weather? What exactly do you think will happen when we use it all up? Have you already started shopping for a new planet?

This is why you must vote for Hillary. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change (nobody dependent on the Koch brothers does). Trump may not get money from them, but everyone else in the Republican Party does and so the laws they pass, regulations they enact, or cancel, are whatever keeps that oil flowing. So with him, and Republican control of Congress, we can pretty much count on climate change continuing and maybe even accelerating. Don’t care, cause you’ll be dead by then? Do you have kids? Cousins? Nephews or nieces? Friends? Co-workers? Anyone at all that you care about who might be effected?

What about Stein? After all, she’s the Green Party, right? Number one, she can’t win. Number two. She’s batshit crazy. Check out her platform. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So if for no other reason, no matter what you think you might know about Hillary, or Trump, think of their position on climate change. That’s all. You can care about the other stuff, too, but really, if for no other reason than that you like to breath, vote Hillary.

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