Same War – Different Battles

If voting didn’t matter, Wall Street bankers and their K. Street cronies wouldn’t work so hard to suppress our privilege to do so. Nonetheless, it’s easier to succumb to the valley of indoctrinated make-believe and inglorious propaganda, than to truly scale the mountaintop of humanity’s decency, accepting our individual responsibility for our life here on earth.

In 2016 all are called to hold the feet of CEOs, elected officials and our own, to the fire burning for life, liberty, prosperity, equality and justice for all.

The demise of any society from its greatest potential, comes from within its people, both those holding the moneyed puppet strings and those dangling from them — different battle, same snake-oil.

This war, humanity has waged, since the beginning of time. Armed with peace, and malice toward none, let us soldier on together in our historical presidential election, for in ensemble, we are as victorious as David against Goliath.

Only the speed of devices and dullness of media as easily manipulated into inspiring mob-rule as, Second Amendment People, are the desperate and frustrated made vulnerable to simple promises of immediate solutions.

Our battle now is against brainwashing marketing, defamation of character, and discrimination, wedging us between growing mounds of waste — to either be shoveled away by innovative transformation, or allowed to smolder in a past of revisionist memory.

Attempting a century old replay, is a distortion of moral licensing, and the phenomenon of fighting each other to make the future as great as the past, a fool’s errand, chasing a foggy bottom mirage, within a maze of mirrors, in the mist.

Seventy years ago, Prescott Bush, Fred Koch and others like them, determined, like war, peace could be a line item business asset — but, Cheney, Halliburton’s Gulf Oil Spill and Blackwater by any name, elevated perpetual war as the new gold standard, accelerating Global Warming, by financing the denial of Climate Change.

Same self-aggrandizing war — different mechanism: those who have, keeping an iron grip on the neck of the almost had, by making enough money to garner enough power, to prevent government regulations from demanding more taxes, to provide more for the new majorities of minorities, who’ve been made invisible under a deflated Middle Class.

Most problems aren’t problems until we’re media convinced to make them so, but voter suppression, income disparity, inequitable economic opportunity and Climate Injustice are daily battles that must be won.

However, our battles are rarely about what pundits, adversaries, government, bankers and lawyers say they’re about — whether wood burning stoves, coal miners, off-shore drilling, natural gas, nuclear power, renewables or Koch machines — evolution wins, even it only by extinction.

So we, who still believe in the Olympian Golden Rule embedded within, must be more than cheerleaders — in addition to voting, we must inspire ten others to vote as well, and each then register 100 others to counter the self-infected with the intoxication of a self-serving megalomaniac.

As firestorms rage against families in California, Oregon and Wyoming, and Americans are drowning in Kentucky, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia floods, let’s fight for, rather than against, each other.

Our battle cry is cease and desist cash flow to political parties, and even candidates! Instead, invest time, energy and money in future oriented causes, working for the good of the earth and all who live upon it, like –

Either we stand together to ease the pain of an earth ravaged by abandoned stewardship, or we can choose to self-destruct while fighting among ourselves over emails, moon-lighting foundations, Snowden Russian hackers and voting to make a point rather than change and save a nation.

Our American Dream is about making every day, Election Day, realizing every dollar we spend; every word or label we utter; every smile, thank you, please, yes, agreement, tip, hug, congratulations, selfie, text, social media post we share — is our vote for the life and the America we aspire to be.

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