Welcome to Medialized America, Finally United in a Sex-crazed State

Awaiting our courage to catch up to our outrage, revelation is, we are in a great uncivil war with the failures of unfettered male power being increasingly exposed, revealing that our holier than thou, international superiority complex, having always been founded on the sands of time, has been slowly washing away — even as we granted women the right to elect misogynistic, we built that men, without granting full constitutional citizenship — and bestowed the façade of racial equality without a decent minimum wage or gender income parity.

The more our fantastical leaders of politics, finance, religion and Fourth Estate, fascinate us with hyperbole, platitudes and the hubris of sensationalism, the more we allow our American Dream to be submerged into a culture of might makes right, faking stability under an umbrella of, alternative-facts.

Suddenly a bucket of ice on our culture of, not my problem acceptance of the domestic violence of pharmaceutical opioid pushers, man-handled girls, predatorial career harassment, onslaught of male imposed assault, rape by both military and civilian family and friends — has stopped the presses.

Truth be told, such headlines have been hiding in plain sight, within the lies we’ve told ourselves. Now, summoning the honesty to pull back the veil of secrecy cloaking our averted eyes, we may find redemption.

If, despite media’s overkilling of our need to know, transforming newsworthy, into recall of over the backyard fence gossip — diminishing with each retelling the essential focus — lubricating us from outrage to numbness, there is, nonetheless, more to immorality than declassifying America’s secret sexual societies: sinners, cheaters, anti-gays in precarious fantasies and fetishes.

Still mired in sexual struggle between what constitutes our wistful national character and moral fiber, versus the reality of objectifying girls and women, while lusting for short-term gratification — our hearts and minds remain as MIA as the October 2016 exposure of Donald Trump’s 2005 bus conversation with Billy Bush.

Sex is not the most important issue in our struggle to be of good character until, pontificating a pompous public love of God and Country as shield from the discovery of our power-lust for carnal dexterity — while wallowing in sanctimonious deceit, failing to practice what we preach. Must we bequeath the lie that sex is about provocative fashion, but not, 7th Avenue enslaving the image of women, marketing it as accessories for male prowess?

From Cosby and Columbine, to Sandy Hook, if The Pulse of America is a Las Vegas massacre, then we doom ourselves believing that it’s more important to protect the life of the unborn, than honor the virtue of teenagers, safety of college co-eds and security of female staffers.

When there’s a cross between what sex we preach and teach and the sex we practice in bathroom stalls, as church and community leaders, preying with, the laying on of hands to comfort women, we’re self-crucified.

This is our story and if, of thee I sing, is to be resurrected with any credibility, we need to realign our vision with a renewal of justice and equality for all — protecting accuser with our empathetic trust, and the accused with the right to remain silent, even if not innocent, until proven guilty. The integrity of Exceptionalism lies beyond ratings craving myopic media and mob rule rush to judgement — to cleansing ourselves of the stains of Congress, casting calls, Main Street schools, churches and community centers, as well as K & Wall Street suites.

Sadly, our current uncivil struggle is reminiscent of the national chasm thrust upon Abraham Lincoln — worst still, some young Americans are now possessed with the madness of hate.

Our nation is being raped by self-inflicted domestic terrorism, and to the extent we grant permission to invade our civilian government with Generals, an AG who can’t remember anything and the normalization of neo-Nazis and constituents sympathizing with child-molesters — the insulting culture of second-class citizenship, is the wall behind which we hide our feminine side.

Women don’t need men to help them rise, just not to hold them back, but the gauntlet challenging our character to stand by women, awaits male reformation.



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