What Could We Fix If We Weren’t Trump Fixated?

From the 20% colonists who, like Benedict Arnold remained England’s loyalists, America has always been three-sided:  Conservatives fearing change, Liberals progressing forward and those lacking the courage to choose either.

Our percentages shifted wildly in 2016:  35% longing for White Power extension, 55% welcoming forward-thinking propulsion – both in tug-of-war dragging those on the sidelines accepting the choices of Left and Right in the areana.

Nonetheless, if focused on 2016 cyber invaders attacking American Exceptionalism, we discover what shifted our nation off its solid rock foundation, commenced seventy-one years before Putin elected to make America in Russia’s image.

If in 2018, we choose harmony and charity aforethought, we’ll either provide Congress the backbone for new broader restrictive sanctions against the thief stealing both American and Russian revolutions, or we’ll replace our corrupted Congress with a new Brand of incorruptible representation.

We might understand social media partners, neither secret nor silent, but possibly unwitting accomplices now wringing contrite hands – after being distracted by counting their silver pieces – attempting to wash troll gold from their hindsight:  doing penance for contributions accepted on the road to democratic demise, damaging America’s electoral process – swearing forevermore, to spare our most cherished privilege from online bull-hockey.

However, defending Liberty from tyrannical mob Blob absorption, profaning freedom by couching it as right to produce online instructions for assembly of undetectable murder weapons, is on us.  Playing catch-up, might we act to preserve our, American Dream, from the Blitzkrieg of Constitutional distortions by the Homeland treason of NRA bedfellows?

Should we resurrect our courage within to protect those crying out from a #MeToo and #TimesUp wilderness isolated by misogynistic male-dominated corporate corruption – we’ll cease and desist nailing the sexually harassed and assaulted targets on the cross of Statute of Limitations.

And if we refuse to regurgitate talking points like political talking heads, we could become capable physicians, healing ourselves with the knowledge and charity that begins at, all politics is local. Thus enlightened, distinguishing the miniscule legal distinction between convenient use of collusion, and obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy, will lift our wisdom out of obscurity.

While truth will set us free from the lies we’ve told ourselves, patience and reason are patriotic requirements for admitting the truth in a fact-based air-tight case, that even a compromised Supreme Court cannot dissent.

When true patriots eject a Congress refusing truth of Gowdy and Jordan FBI grilling Dramady, Americans will understand potential curtain call of June 2016 Trump Tower production, starring international cast of characters:  Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Rob Goldstone, Veselnitskaya, Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, Agalarov business associate Kaveladze and translator Anatoli Samochornov – becoming more cognizant of the long-term effect of any conspiracy to defraud We the People of The United States of America.

Restoking, Fired Up and Ready to Go, with Bi-Costal focus, we might address Climate Change before our East Coast floats out to sea and West Coast becomes but ashes of the, America the Beautiful Teddy Roosevelt bequeathed.

Emulating Justices Ginsburg and Scalia’s disagreements, with mutual respect and malice toward none – our open minds will appreciate anew, the necessity of compromise, as did our Founding Fathers – against all odds.

If, once again, we, Follow the Money, we’ll uncover the Foundation Treasurer who pays blackmail to silence trumped women – knowing, America’s fixes are in the company we keep:

The global torch for freedom is America, so – we can’t be quiet anymore!


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