What Do We Do Now: A Rhetorical Question Deserving a Supreme Answer

We must defend ourselves from ourselves from three interconnected fronts:

  • Systemic racism has met its global match, because of a wolf in sheep’s clothing murderously took a knee
  • As with Hoover to FDR, Reagan to Clinton and GW Bush to Obama, America again needs a Democratic president to rescue our economy from Republican ashes
  • America is in first place in global pandemic cases – whose medical response has largely been ignored by a president drowning in his ineptitude and apathy

Nonetheless our 45th vows to pressure Governors to reopen schools; Pence adding, we don’t want CDC guidance to be the reason schools don’t open. 

Trump’s envy of North Korea, China, Brazil and Russian despots begs the question:  what’s Trump’s end plan for America, if not the end of America?

What is the logical conclusion from, good people on both sides, caging brown children and condoning Blue on Black murder while condemning a Constitutionally guaranteed free press, scientific expertise and the removal of the very symbols that inspire such inhumanity – all while Conservatives in the Senate and in America’s global economy remain silent for anything they say can be used against them in a court of law.

How does Trump get away with such blatant anti-American behavior?  Answer:  it’s not just Trump resenting and resisting the exceptional potential of an American democracy.  So, who has the most to gain from puppeteering an uncouth heathen profaning thought like a fifth-grade gutter mouth, for notoriety?

What does Trump’s shocking rise to the American presidency remind us of:  aging old money aristocrats trying to survive post Kaiser Wilhelm II, by controlling an ambitious wannabe?

So, if not in 2020, when will we, put away childish things:  Co-puppets Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell, Robber Barons Sheldon Adelson, Charles Koch and Robert Mercer, Money Changers at Deutsche Bank financing debauchery of Jeffrey Epstein and friends – he, believed tearfully retired to the underbelly of oblivion: Citizens United Karl Rove – now offering Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, twenty million dollars?

What if the increase in Trump’s outrageous projecting, it’s not fair Tweets, prove both phycological collapse and spoon fed pablum from Conservative media, anti-Land of the Free rallies and dirty money emissaries like Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon – thinking us too stupid to, follow the money.

Remember when all we had to fear were lies denying our children and grandchildren would die from a mortally wounded planet, murdered by human induced Global Warming, increasingly changing our climate into a mauled entangled clump of dust-laden toxic air, choking on the slothful arsonists’ campfire and cigarette burning debris, left behind without enough polluted water with which to drown our gluttony for self-destructive idolatry:  worshiping a pied piper thinking himself, the Lone Ranger?

Does it make us miss, The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?

Then fear this:  being tricked into believing the plagues of 2020 will, just disappear, like a puff of smoke from a peace pipe negotiation signaling the end of Red Cloud’s war, magically evaporating our historic desecration of original Americans and raiding current tax dollars – to prove prowess of mask free males like Daniel Snyder, Trump and the DAPL Energy Transfer Partners, whose disregard of what’s sacred reveals internalized masks hiding villainous missions of the real puppeteers.

No matter the history or Futures’ past projections, politics or beachcombing, gender or benders, banquets or food deserts. race or racists, bar hoppers or governors – all living within The Republican Bond in Slop: The Wild Boar Nation are dwelling in a medically, economically and politically New Normal – vulnerable to Conservative Caucasian male Republicans more dangerous than Trump’s collaborator, Vladimir Putin.

America’s leadership is riddled with traitors to, Duty, Honor, Country – Conservatives plotting to subjugate voters, elections, willingly sacrificing unprotected by mandate constituents to COVID-19.

One-by-one, every day, separated and alone, thousands continue to fall because of Corporatism’s human greed, Republican political expediency and a desperate White House misfit.

Still wounded by our sixties’ assassinations, we’ve remained increasingly vulnerable to attacks, especially since 20 January 2001 – but only 9/11 and Russian hackers have been foreign invasions.

Our dishonest, morally bankrupt president bullying Whistleblowers, intimidating school districts, attempting to demoralize the very foundations of American democracy and the unrestrained extremes of COVID-19 magnifying our strengths and weaknesses, are domestic threats, aided and abetted by our, elected.

Clearly, the creators of The Great Recession, forever oil wars and Trump’s bigots have created an America divided against itself:  one, a violent tribe fearful of real democracy, an emancipated diverse America vs. a camp of seers of the rainbow’s prism.

True patriotism is sharing, faith of our fathers, hope by and by and love for all the people, knowing no president is immune to Justice for All.

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