Can you be intimidated out of voting next week?

Do you remember the famous photograph of the African American children walking through crowds of screaming protesters to go to school in the Fifties? If I were a betting person I’d bet that you thought that maybe African Americans have to endure such treatment, but of course this would never happen to you (unless you are African American). Well, wait until you get to the polls. There are already crowds with bullhorns at the ready and a far-ranging vocabulary of insults to hurl at you as you park your car and head in to vote.

Candidate Donald Trump and his organization already have crowds out, harrassing prospective votrs. In some court cases both the Trump organization and the Republican Party have been ordered to cease and desist from such behavior.

But there’s one thing about inciting a crowd, and that is getting them to stop what they are doing. That is why incitement is so dangerous. Videos are already showing the kind of thing that you may face in order to enter a polling place. Are Americans going to stay home because they are afraid to vote?

I am looking forward to this one thing: voters have already been told by Donald Trump to stay home if they don’t intend to vote for him. So will they obey? Or will we see the people of this nation stand up and put one foot ahead of another, and get out there and vote?

Well, here’s one suggestion. No matter who you plan to vote for, wear a red shirt and carry a Trump brochure. Wave it at the Republican harrassers as you walk by them, give them a thumbs-up and a holler or two, and then go in and vote for whom you please. They won’t know the differente–no one will.

I am very interested to see how many Americans will face down the crowds and go to the polling places after they have been told to get lost or else. Will the saints go marchin’ in, or will we stay home and let someone else make the decision?

This will be my last article until the election is over. Fortunately I am situated in such a way that the racial turmoil and civil unrest can’t do me harm, so I will defer to the Americans who are on the front lines of this. Can they make you stay home, or are you going to stand up for democracy?

Here is an example of what is going on, just in case you don’t believe me:

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