What was he thinking?

For those of us who noticed the president of the Philippines using a considerable insulting remark to refer to President Obama, we may well have asked ourselves, What was he thinking? As a former resident of Guam, which is up the street and around the corner from the Republic of the Philippines, I can tell you that their president is very comfortable with the privilege of his rank. You can look back and learn a little about former president Ferdinand Marcos and his notorious wife, Imelda, to see how the high-ranking Filipino citizens treated themselves since America turned over the reins of their government to them (that is, roughly since 1945).

And after you get done contemplating privilege in the Philippines, I suggest you turn your attention to your own backyard–that is, the United States of America. The atmosphere right here at home is responsible for the loose lips in the Philippines, because for eight years we have displayed the most shameful and traitorous racism towards our African-American president.

Who is the corporate media displays respect for President Obama? Even the Democratic Party has been described as treating Obama like teenagers treat their parents. And as for the Republicans, do you need to be told?

Mitch McConnell’s famous meeting, in which the Republicans agreed to a conspiracy to commit treason, has its place in history and only the surrogate spokesmen for Donald Trump have the nerve to pretend that it didn’t happen. Every time we rolled our eyes–every time we looked at a graphic liking the Obama family to animals–every time we muttered, “Thanks, Obama,” for some nonsense that he was not responsible for–we told the president of the Philippines that he didn’t have to respect Obama. And meanwhile:

America’s first family has been the first to be scandal-free in 30 years, with no drunken children. They are a wholesome family but they are hated by most white Christians for the color of their skin, not because of the content of their character. If you call yourself a Christian and won’t get over your vicious racism towards the President, don’t flame me with indignant comments.

Why shouldn’t the president of the Philippines toss off an insult to Obama? He isn’t respected at home! The corporate media is now unleashing thirty years of lies and innuendo about Hillary Clinton, thinking that they can head off her candidacy with the same tactics they applied to her husband, but failed in reality with him and with the current president.

In reality all the media wants is a horse race. If Clinton climbs in the polls, they aim their guns at her until Donald Trump rises. When Trump is up, as he is as I write this, the media will lay off Clinton for awhile. This gets them more audience, and consequently they can command higher fees from potential advertisers. They don’t care if America is suffering serious damage to democracy and civil discourse. It’s all about money. Let the Republicans and Democrats pick up the pieces next year.

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