Whither the Republican Party After Trump

What is a political party to do when its standard bearer is not a member of that party? Sure, some of Donald Trump’s rhetoric sounds like the Fox news echo chamber, but he is clearly not a Republican (as we have come to know them). And yet, he was elected by Republicans, which means that Republican voters are not really Republicans either. So, what do we know about the Republican party as it currently exists?

Republicans are NOT “Conservative.”

People like Cruz have been whining for years that when RINOs run, they lose. Trump is the ultimate RINO and he smacked down Cruz all over the map, north, south, east and west. Not even Republican voters want to get rid of Social Security, Medicare and probably even Obamacare.

Republicans ain’t all that religious. The religion of Trump

Ironically, the most “religious” person left in the presidential race is probably Hilary Clinton. We’ve known for years that the religiosity of Republicans is a fraud. Reagan more religious than Carter? Don’t think so! Nixon wasn’t religious, Bush senior wasn’t, McCain isn’t and Romney is a Mormon. Republicans, by far, are not the party of Christ.

“Moral Values” is not a Republican thing either.

At least not in any kind of true sense. Robert P. Jones of the Public Religion Research Institute did an analysis and labeled Republicans “nostalgia voters” rather than “values voters.” They seem to want to return to some imagined past where foreigners, black and gay people were invisible and low skill jobs paid a living wage. Trump Supporters

It could possibly be argued that actually Republicans do have some core values, but that they were distracted by celebrity and demagoguery, but that is a self refuting argument. If they had core values, they could not be distracted.

Finally, and most scarily, the rise of Trump clearly shows that Republicans don’t really believe in democracy. The Republican electorate is reaching out to Trump as a non-politician hoping that he will, single handedly, outside the political arena, “fix” everything. He will build the wall. He will break the trade agreements. He will leave NATO. He will deport the people that make them feel uncomfortable. He will force employers to keep jobs here. And of course, he will force everyone to say, “Merry Christmas.” This is a far cry from the supposed Constitutional feelings that Republicans claim as motivation.

Trump has laid bare the emptiness at the center of the Republican party — which they voted for in droves.


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