Who Is the Worst Candidate Ever?

Worst candidate ever -now, what does that remind me of? Oh yes – worst President ever. And whom does that remind me of? I first read it in connection with Barack Obama, the African American President. I do not remember that the phrase came up in media coverage of the post-mortem of the second Bush administration. I’m not the only person who heard the Mitch McConnell’s “Never say yes” story eight years ago. You have to be pretty determined to force eight years of obstruction on a presidential administration. The object of this treatment must have been a thoroughly bad person, wouldn’t you think?

So what had Obama done to deserve this obstruction (at the cost of American lives)? Americans died for McConnell’s racism, which means he better have a pretty good reason for his traitorous behavior. Well, it’s actually like this: Obama’s sin was being born black. That’s right – racism has dominated the non-governance of America for eight years. Obama gave health care a breakthrough – worst President ever. Obama got bin Laden–worst President ever. See a pattern here? And where did that pattern come from? The Republicans! And where did they get it? They made it up! You may notice that in all the speeches at the Republican circus that they were trying to call a convention, there are no issues. There is only bitter character assassination based on lies.

After years – literally – of a wild goose chase called the investigation of the Benghazi incident, the Republicans have nothing. But you watch – that won’t keep them from pretending that they have something. It won’t keep them from promising to throw more money away on an investigation that has lasted for years and come up empty.

Now let’s turn our attention to Hillary Clinton, and the Republican catch phrase, the worst candidate ever. Now, where do you suppose that came from? It honestly looks to me like the Republicans just made it up! Hillary served as a brilliant First Lady – worst candidate ever. Hillary served as a liberal senator – worst candidate ever. Hillary helped Obama get bin Laden – worst candidate ever. Qualifications don’t even enter into it! She’s just the worst candidate ever. Why? Because she is Hillary Clinton! Don’t you get the drill by now? Just lie and create chaos because, as Randi Rhodes always says, in chaos they can steal. The phrase, “worst (fill in the blank) ever,” will now be trotted out for every election and lied about to fit the next candidate, and the next. You might want to keep track, if you have nothing better to do, because it could get amusing. The Republicans don’t think you have noticed yet.

And in breaking Republican news, Senator Rafael Cruz, Jr., commanded the respect of America last night when he refused to endorse Donald Trump in his speech. I don’t know how long it has been since anyone drew a line in the sand, but back when Trump was going off on Cruz’ wife, Heidi, Cruz warmed that he wouldn’t tolerate it. But Trump, heedless and intoxicated by his dreams of power, not only attacked Heidi Cruz but he made an accusation that Cruz’ father, Rafael Cruz the elder, was somehow involved in the assassination plot that took the life of John F. Kennedy. This was too much for Cruz.

We must all admit that Cruz could have complained about it, but gone ahead and provided the endorsement that the Trump staff wanted from him. But it was no good; Trump had crossed Cruz’ line in the sand. The Republicans have to start somewhere and I do hope that it will be seen over time that there are such things as principles.

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