Why Bother to Care about a Trumped America?

Why should Americans voting for the national security party care that Reagan’s 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Putin’s predecessors is being blown off by a blow-hard?

Why bother with a president with no civilian or military government leadership experience, texting while teetering on the financial shoulders of Fred Trump, Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince?

Why would Right-wing thought be bothered by giving a loose cannon – having the power to whimsically declare Marshall Law to coagulate their selective, Family Values?

Why should members of the working Middle Class care about why Republican members of Congress don’t care when ultra-Alt-Right White Supremacists armed with Free Will, choose to fall in lock-step with a presidential cover-up – aping his laughable alternative facts:  Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs?

When presidential history is replete with Taft’s little brown brothers, Hoover’s Hoovervilles, lawlessness of Nixon’s Watergate, Polk’s Mexican war stealing Texas, Remember the Maine McKinley, LBJ’s Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin – and of course, the continuing residue of Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz hubris – why care, if you can keep it?

Why bother with protecting public lands when residents of Montana and North & South Dakota vote for a pretend savior who delivers unto corporate developers control of what Teddy Roosevelt bequeathed to all Americans – including the human beings, from which we stole it?

Why care about voter suppression in Walker’s Wisconsin, Crosscheck Kobach’s Kansas and Kemp’s Georgia – or GSA Emily Murphy lying to preserve, protect and defend Trump making America his ATM again?

Why should we bother challenging Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, disabling Section Five of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, with, How About Now?

Why bother being indivisible against an administration celebrating presidential attempt to deny, freedom of the press – when Congress confirms in reaffirmation, violence against women?

Should we be bothered by American history:  from Native American reservations, to Slave auctions, to kidnapping children from their parents crossing our border fleeing tactics – too reminiscent of Guantanamo?

While not a, new normal for America, we are at an all-time new low – a darker place where self-imposed destruction flourishes when too many neighbors feel emboldened to call police on differences – and too few Samaritans save a woman from a purse snatcher.

No caravan of refugees crying out from the wilderness to our Statue of Liberty promise can vote in 2018 elections – and those telling such lies need, in every election, be replaced with a new birth of all-inclusive freedom – for tyrants betraying America’s economy, elections or human life have no place in The Home of the Brave they’ve stained with shame.

Why bother getting in a huff over a State Attorney ignoring a court order prohibiting purging Indiana’s voter roll?

Why risk caring about change without defining it with our lives, so the America that survived sixties’ assassinations, Kent State murders, and far too many acts of gun violence will emerge – until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream – exposing The Art of the Deal and its morally bankrupt landlord as a brazen fraud.

Why should we care about fellow citizens falling victim to an anti-Immigrant, anti-Press misogynist, whose family breezes by on the wings of multiple Conflicts of Interest, secret finances and self-aggrandizement anti-American foreign deals – aided and abetted by Proud Boys?

Why care about Audit USA, or how Republicans impact electoral process in Ohio, Nebraska, Illinois and Nevada?

When is the best time to be bothered by assaults on America’s Rule of Law, being accessible to foreign governments adding 2018 insult to 2016 injury?

When the serpent’s temptation rises again to strike in defense of hate and fear, should we care that Republicans elected in 2016 – or running in October 2018, choose to be antithesis of our October 1962 administration?

Why bother to confirm our active voter registration, stand in long lines to vote and transport others to the polls?  Because when

  • Hostility is our first response
  • African-American seniors traveling to vote are removed from bus by Jim Crow
  • We celebrate our 397-year-old pilgrim myth by demanding reservation addresses for Native-Americans

We bother to care because, either the buck stops in Trump’s pocket or with ballots cast by you and me.

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