Will Hillary Outsource the Presidency?

Hillary Clinton has stated this week that Husband Bill will be in responsible for the economy under her administration? Here is a good time for that Scooby Doo “Huuuggghhhh?” Let’s see. The 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution won’t allow any President of the United States to serve more than two terms as President. But no one seems to be arguing that the spirit if not the letter of that Amendment won’t be followed by letting Bill run the Country’s economy. Besides, wasn’t Bill impeached?

Hillary has stated publicly that she isn’t a natural politician but she knows how to do the job if she gets the presidency based on her resume. Let’s think now. What was Hillary’s most significant accomplishment as a U.S. Senator? Hmmmm. I can’t think of one either. What about her many accomplishments as Secretary of State. Well, she didn’t negotiate peace in the Middle East, but she did visit more countries than any previous Secretary of State. WooHoo! She might not be a great politician, but it’s more impressive that she was elected to the Senate and appointed and confirmed as Secretary of State since her accomplishments were minimal in both jobs.

So we are left with the question about how Hillary will govern if elected. Her statement as to Bill essentially being the economy Czar (Remember all the old Nixon “Czars”?). To whom else might Hillary Outsource the President’s responsibilities? The mind boggles.

Foreign Policy? That’s an easy one. President Obama is going to remain in the D.C. Area. He can just keep on keeping on. Maybe some extra time will enable him to figure out how to close Guantanamo Bay. Her buddy Madelein Albright can work with him. Albright will want to work with the first woman president and help a sister out on foreign policy. Environmental Issues? Al Gore will do nicely (although there may be a bit of bad blood there). Treasury? Well, daughter Chelsea has some experience on Wall Street. She can handle monetary policy in her sleep. Military issues? Isn’t that Petraeus guy still around? He and Bill have a lot in common. That would be a good fit.

Here is the thing. Bill Clinton is NOT going to be a cabinet officer. He’s just Hillary’s husband. This means neither he nor any others she might lean on are subject to vetting and confirmation hearings. That isn’t consistent with the spirit of the Constitution either. While some Presidents’ spouses have had more than a ceremonial role, there has inevitably been controversy around them. Included in that was Mrs. Clinton’s role in health care. Eleanor Roosevelt was despised in some quarters for her dominance in the FDR administration. The people of the United States do NOT vote for the policy positions of the candidate’s spouse.

Hillary’s remark that Bill will take care of the economy is condescending and dangerous to her campaign. (Editor’s note: Hillary Clinton never said that her husband would take care of the economy. What she said was that her husband would serve as a special advisor offering ideas to help economically depressed areas.) Bill was already going to be a target of the Trump forces before this proclamation, but now there is a legitimate reason to attack him. He is going to handle economic issues not just make sure the White House restrooms have clean towels in them. The Donald has every reason and indeed, some responsibility to campaign against him and in this day and age that means hitting below the belt 50 times per day. An adulterous womanizer who was once impeached won’t pass a lot of security checks. ubt if Bill could get a job with the CIA.

Some of you are saying, so Bill likes girls. Big deal. It is a big deal if one of those girls decides she likes money more than him. Or maybe she likes her native country more than the U.S.A. Blackmail is very foreseeable in that circumstance. Bill has already paid Paula Jones off to the tune of $850,000. Keeping girls on their knees under your desk can be expensive.

And what will Hillary be doing while hubby Bill and the gang of many are running the country? If I had to guess, she will be in the hospitality suite of Goldman Sachs on her third tequila sunrise collecting her quarter million dollar honorarium. Bill will take care of the country. God help us all.


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