Will We Choke on Trump/Pence Ashes or Revive and Breathe Free?

Florence is real, Trump/Pence Administration false, but both are equally dangerous – while we continue to chase media led distractions from the truth that sets up free.

The New York Times Op-Ed seems more a plea for forgiving accomplices after the fact, than reassurance.  Either way, it exposes our stability deficit, lack of judgment and reckless misplaced hero worship.  Our choices confirmed by a veteran of Fourth Estate journalism, experienced in co-defeating a criminal POTUS – we are free to succumb to desperation in the belly of the beast, illegally dabble in de facto coup or vote to free America from the chosen demagogue of 30% of Americans – all while, the whole world is watching.

Although certain of The Gray Lady’s Due Diligence, the delusional White House submitter is as misguided as a Trump rally. Penning split focus on the public, whether directed or not by a ranting reality show host unhinged from the reality that 60% of his landlords want to terminate his lease.

When a deceiver successfully deceives millions, is himself deceived by his addiction to provocative prevarication, is America Machiavelli squared by conservative political connivers and their over-zealous worshipers?

Our best counter to what we bequeathed our future:  by example, don’t throw out voices of reason with the sullied bath water of unreasonable Republican hubris.

Nonetheless, in reestablishing America’s exceptional world leadership, angry rhetoric is an unnecessary drain on our necessary collaborative mission to passionately pursue a life of excellence – before Trump/Pence era is irreversible.

At this perilously late date, self-preservation demands we replace derision with civil debate, at least among Democrats, ever aware of our 2016 house divided lesson.

Continuing to be fixated puppets of K Street, Wall Street or a Media narrowly pre-occupied, diminishes our self-motivation to think for ourselves with empathy for all others, whether perceived as political friends or foes.

Similarly, can we afford to pass on our current inheritance of arrogantly presuming dominance over international antagonists, while assuming blind obedience from longtime allies – instead of cleansing ourselves of leaders who have turned their back on global stewardship?

Presidents Lincoln, FDR, Eisenhower and John Kennedy, weren’t brutes forcing their way to the front of the line.  Yet, global generations still benefit from their quests for world peace.

Although freedom’s unfinished work, now damaged with Trump/Pence cracks at our outer fringes, America’s core still shields us, who yearn to breathe free, from the temporary superficial intrusion of, alternative facts.

Too often self-distracted victims of corporate deviations from the common good, we miss the frost of the GOP political machine – failing to comprehend this devastatingly new phase of a dangerous divergence from America’s, road less traveled by. 

While perfection will forever elude us, it nonetheless lights our pathway to better ensure our inexorable involvement with all life on earth – reclaiming, we are forever, a part of the main. 

Now, do we stand still looking backwards, or continue our work in progress?  Stand for National Anthem clutching heart and scriptures or admit that too many who do have forgotten, I was hungry, and you gave me no food, I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink.

In 2018 all must choose the arena:  either vigilant oversight to outmaneuver herds confusing patriotism with mob rule or avert our attention while an ICE pick in our Democratic Republic, bankrupts post man-made natural disaster restoration.

Perfection remains our secondary goal, but better can eradicate:

  • Citizens United
  • A Congress withholding funds needed to protect our electoral system
  • Gerrymandered districts and Red Mapping

Prioritizing immediate individual concerns is understandable, but choosing to ignore, as many are ignored, our need to elect leaders who embrace our natural progression forward into diversity, denies any collective emancipation.

Consistent prosperous jobs, paychecks and minimum wages are less likely to be perfect, without our doing better at equality for women, LBGTQ, people of color, 9/11 families and our children who deserve, better not being sacrificed on the altar of perfect.

On November 6th, let’s be better, like:

Tuesday 6 November 2018 is the day we save the life of America – if we can keep it.


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