Worse Than Watergate?

It really just goes to show how far out to lunch Trump’s supporters are that they buy his BS.

In the FBI report on Hillary’s emails they said that (basically) if she had been a regular employee at the State Department her actions would have probably lead to administrative action, such as reprimand or demotion. Not criminal charges. Not treason. A letter in her file. And for this the deplorables have been chanting “Lock her up!”

And let’s also say that one of the administrative issues with Hillary’s emails is the possibility she violated government transparency regulations. Does Trump really want to complain that someone else was not transparent enough? Puhlease!

So, let’s get a few other things straight.

Corruption means using government processes for private benefit or using political power to subvert governmental functions. An insecure email server is not either of those things. And funny how the FBI was corrupt in July, but not now. Things are only “rigged” when Deadbeat Donnie doesn’t like the results.

Worse than Watergate? Carl Bernstein doesn’t buy this one and neither should you. Let’s review for the history impaired.

People acting for Nixon’s re-election campaign committed felony crimes to try and influence the election. Nixon may not have directly ordered these actions (still not clear!) but he certainly set the tone. After the actions were discovered Nixon illegally tried to stop the investigations into these crimes. That is corruption. And why he resigned.

There is no evidence that Hillary or anyone else used influence to try and stop or change the FBI investigation. No corruption. None.

So, what is left?

How about the early voting in Nevada that is probably giving Hillary an insurmountable lead there. The same is true in North Carolina.

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