Wow, there’s a Nazi in the White House–wait, you’re kidding, right?

The unreality of this situation sweeps over me as I set out to write this article. It looks like “deconstruction” and anarchy are not enough for Donald Trump and his staff. Lenin and Marx have had their day, it appears. Now the jack-booted thugs are stepping up to the plate in the form of a man named Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka is not a Nazi–not like a German National Socialist who has lived in hiding, or a newly-unmasked former prison guard. No, Gorka is actually too young for that. He is, by most accounts (which he does not deny), a sworn member of the Vietzi Rend, or the Hungarian Order of Heroes, a group that is directly linked by their own claims to the German National Socialist Movement and party.

Lately–by which I mean since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the so-called president–according to an article in the Huffington Post, Gorka foolishly drew attention to himself by being photographed during the January inaugural ball “wearing a medal that foreign policy news site LobeLog later identified as a symbol of membership in the Hungarian Order of Heroes. The group, known as Vitzi Rend in Hungarian, collaborated with the Nazi government during World War II, according to the State Department. Members of the group are ineligible for American visas.”

Now the occupants of the White House seem to be confounded by a growing call from those inside the actual American governbment that Gorka resign. Some are calling for him to be deported, if such things as deportation can still be applied to Republicans. At this moment, today, Republicans are still trying to bull their way through the whole Trump debacle, pretending that his budget can be explained away and attempting to normalize the presence of Steve Bannon and Gorka on the White House staff.

I discover that there isn’t really all that much to say about this situation. Trump voters, is this combination of the Republican Whocares Health Plan, the budget to destroy America as we know it, and the staffing of the president’s office with anarchists, nazis and traitors–is this what you voted for? And wouldn’t you like to know a lot more about it?

I pine for the days when my main impression of Hungary came to me from the works of the wonderful writer Kate Seredy. But when I saw the excellent dramatic film called Music Box, for which Jessica Lange was nominated for the Oscar, I came to the realization that World War II had indeed swept over Hungary as well as Poland, home of my mother’s side of the family, along with the rest of Europe.

Read more about Sebastian Gorka here:

Watch the film Music Box here if you dare:

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